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Your favorite Kirov-Mariinsky ballerina?

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Now that the “Your favourite Kirov-Mariinsky ballerina” poll has been up for more than ten days (http://users.skynet.be/ballet-lovers/), it’s good to have a look at the present results (260 people have been voting since August 31 – Many thanks to all who participated! :) )

Absolute winner is Diana Vishneva whom almost 22% of the voters consider their favourite Mariinsky ballerina. Second (and perhaps more surprisingly) comes Yulia Makhalina with 16.15%, followed closely by Svetlana Zakharova (15%) and Zhanna Ayupova (14.23%). Uliana Lopatkina who was in the first days the poll was up top favourite, now only ends 5th with almost 12%.

There is quite a big gap between these 5 ladies and the remaining 5. Natalia Sologub, Maya Dumchenko and Daria Pavlenko each gather 5 to 6 % of the votes, while not many balletomanes seem to fancy Sofia Gumerova and Irma Nioradze (under 2%).

I’ll keep the poll open until the 15th of this month.

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Well, Alexandra, I guess this is partly related to her age as much as her former "prima ballerina" status. People who don't follow the Kirov regularly today, but who saw the company in the early nineties are bound to have memories of Makhalina (the same goes a bit for Ayupova, who scores quite well too), as much as Lezhnina and others of that period. I often heard remarks about Makhalina in the sense of "I had no idea she is out of favour; she was so wonderful when the Kirov came in 1992" or something along those lines.

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Hi, Marc, that was a good idea. Just a remark concerning the interpretation. The descrepancy of the result can be estimated as 100%/sqrt(260), that is about 6%. This means that Miss Vishneva is a leader indeed, but other ladies (Makhalina, Ayupova, Zakharova, Lopatkina) share 2-5 places.

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The poll has been closed today. 322 people participated. The final results have Diana Vishneva shattering all competition with almost 22 % of the votes. (Still online at http://users.skynet.be/ballet-lovers/)

Second comes Yulia Makhalina with 15.8 %, followed by Svetlana Zakharova (14.6%) and Zhanna Ayupova (13.98%). Uliana Lopatkina obtains 12.7 %.

Daria Pavlenko, Maya Dumchenko, Natalia Sologub circle around 5 % each, while Sofia Gumerova and Irma Nioradze stay below 3.5 %.

Thank you once again for all people who voted :thumbsup: . As announced elsewhere you can now vote for your favorite Bolshoi ballerina.

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