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Sleeping Beauty Preview

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A video clip of Ben Stevenson's Sleeping Beauty was recently added to HB's website. The preview features dancers Simon Ball, previously of Boston Ballet, and Mireille Hassenboehler. I met both of them at Houston's annual Theater District Open House, which I was volunteering at; both were very friendly, and I can't wait to see the two of them dance this season (hopefully together in SB). I asked the HB Guild members if a roster of all the new dancers was out yet, and they just kept telling me to check the website. The casting for the Fall Repertory, including Forsythe's In the middle, is not up yet, either. They usually post a couple of weeks in advance. I will keep you informed as more information comes up.

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Barbara Bears has returned to the company, and will dance some Aurora's. Not sure which ones or how many. Julie Gumbinner is also scheduled for her first Aurora. The latest HB News Magazine also shows Barbara Bears in a photo from In the middle.....

New dancers are: Andrew Murphy and Simon Ball, principals

Corps: Michelle Carpenter, Ilya Kozadeyev, Frances Perez-Ball, James Gotesky, Pamela Lane

Apprentices: Travis Bradley, Bridgett Zehr, Barry Kerollis, Erin Patak, Chavo Killingsworth, Alex Pandiscio

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