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MCB roles for students in Nutcracker

Guest Stork

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Miami City Ballet will be putting on their Nutcracker in several Florida venues other than in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, (Clearwater, Naples) and will be holding auditions for students. I was curious as to whether anyone knew what sort of roles are available for the 4'-10 to 5'-2" student (ages 14-16)?

Thanks for any info on any roles for any ages.

I am going to cross post this for broader "coverage" since no responses yet.

THanks for any info

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You need to live close enough to those venues to go to rehearsals a few times a week, and everyday the week after the audition if you get a role.

I answered this on another site. Anyway my daughter did it in Naples for 6 years I know the roles well she did angel, party girl, party boy, polichinelle, soldier, hoop understudy tea. I know the heights well. If only 4'10 you can be a poly or soldier. If over that to 5'2 you can get hoop and chinese tea.

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