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Ballet Met in Columbus


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My husband and I are thinking of attending a performance of Jewels in October (that is, if we can find a babysitter!) What's a good place to sit at the Ohio Theater? We've never been there.

Also, does anyone know who is staging Jewels for them?

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BalletMet's website does not state who Jewels is staged by, but it is a collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet and will include dancers from both companies. As for the Ohio Theatre, the absolute best seats in the house are in the loge, and they are, of course, the most expensive! I prefer to sit in the orchestra section, from about 8 to 15 rows back. I don't think the front rows are the best because it is difficult to see the dancer's feet. The front mezzanine is also good, but you cannot see faces all that well. Any seat in the Ohio Theatre has a good view except for the extreme side sections. Good luck with your babysitter - I am very anxious to see Jewels, too!

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Thanks for the info PleeA!

We were actually going to go the see the Suzanne Farrell ballet and Balanchine symposium in Ann Arbor Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, but we have a prior commitment that we can't get out of (loud scream of frustration!). So when I saw that Ballet Met was going to do Jewels it made my mood lighten considerably! I look forward to seeing this company. I've read so many good things about them.

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Guest emattdar

Hi- I found out that Bart Cook and Elyse Bourne are staging Jewels for BalletMet. They were both NYCB dancers and are now with the Balanchine Trust. They are apparently amazing storehouses of knowledge! Hope you enjoy the performance!


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