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RDB Outdoor performance

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I was emailed this by Effy, who asked me to post it.


The highlights of the Royal Danish Ballet outdoor gala vere sentimaental highlights as when Frank Andersen on open stage commissioned a new work from budding choreographer Louise Midjord and when we applauded the appointmenr of Alexei Ratmansky (our home boy) as ballet master at Bolshoi.

Unfortunately Nicolas Hubbe in Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux also only represented sentimental value. Dancing this particular piece, when struggling with an injury was not a well considered move. but we love him - so we applaud him. Duo Concertante may have been a wiser choice.

The program was dictated by injuries and absentees, as the three leading male dancers (Blangstrup, Greve, Bowman) were, repsectively, injured, in South Africa and hit in the head with a boomerang on the beach. So the focus was on the modern newer pieces which could be danced by middle rank dancers and a too long segment from Manon, where the three ballerinas subsistuted for each other . The good news is that Gitte Lindstrøm is back on stage and will be the ballerina in Etudes late September. Gudrun Bojesen will finally have her debut as la Sylpide in the Hubbe revival of the piece.

Over all one may conclude that the company is in fairly good shape, allthough we had too little highlights from the dancing part. Frank Andersen also announced that John Neumeier will create a new ballet for RDB next season. hopefully a better work than Odysseen, which artistics highlight are few,although the piece is very well danced by Schandorff and Greve, who is also the stellar combination in Manon.


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I'm so annoyed that i to miss it! I was invited to a 50th b-day party, so caouldn't go!! I was really looking forward to it. Shame to hear there are so many dancers injured, wonder how it will impact on the new season?? :sweating: With Manon coming up (a very demanding ballet, to say the least) how will they manage?

Im really interested in seeing Manon by the royal danish, having seen it in london not that long a go, it'll be an interesting experience!

Hopefully they'll be in better form for the 'european works triple bill'!! :)

Interesting, to read about the new work being commisioned by Neumier!

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