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What the well heeled dancer is wearing this fall

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Wow, I am not sure which surprised me more, the shoe or the price of $235!! I did have to look to see if it was a man's or woman's shoe (woman's) as the Degas picture seemed to clash with the "loafer" style of the shoe.

So where would one wear this shoe? And, pray tell, with what would you wear this shoe?

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Sure, no problem. You know ballet dancers make so much money, they're constantly looking for luxuries to spend it on. I must say, this shoe is kind of a strange idea. People will have to get down on all fours in front of you to get a good look at it. And how the heck do you clean the darned things?

Incidentally, for those who are looking for something in a more humane price range, I think that these are a hoot. I'm not sure about the hairstyles, however -- a classic bun would be better than these Minnie Mouse coiffures.


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BalletFLaMom I am laughing OUT LOUD. Yes I can. When I saw the shoe I actually thought it was, in fact, a man's shoe and I pictured it on just that type fellow in the audience. When I saw that it was a woman's shoe I felt a little relieved, as a woman would know better. I really can see just the gentleman you speak of wearing this shoe. And showing it to his friends.

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