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Your favorite MCB Giselle & Albrecht?

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Hi! I'm new to the boards. I live in NY but I have family in South Florida & visit frequently. I've heard good things about MCB so I'm trying to plan a Feb or March family visit to coincide with their performances of Giselle. Does anyone have any advice for me regarding seating at their venues (I'll probably go to Broward but could go to Miami or Palm Beach) or casting. I really have no familiarity with their dancers or the sight lines of any of their theaters so any & all advice would be appreciated.



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You really can't go wrong with a seat at the Broward Center or the Kravis. They can be purchased on-line and you can see exactly which seats you are getting when you go directly to the Kravis site or the Broward site. You may also be able to order at MCB site--if I recall they don't quite have the exact seats when you order online but if you call you can get exactly what you are looking for. Have a seating chart (on-line) in front of you when you call.

We have been to both (my dancing daughters and I) and once at Kravis and once at Broward we decided late and had box seats available--apparantly they were held in case of a VIP or donor requesting additional tickets and then were available for us.

At the Kravis I like the first level above the orchestra/floor level. I believe this is the "Grand Tier" and first and second row are wonderful. Actually any in this level good. On the Orchestra level seat at about row C-H especially center are good. Even seats on the Loge level (next up from Grand Tier) are reasonable seats.

At the Broward the first level above Orchestra is Mezzanine but I remember it is further back and orchestra seats that are not in the first 5-8 rows are great seats.

Casting for particular performances is trickier--I do not believe they are posted more than 2 weeks ahead, but again you could call and see if anyone (ie Iliana Lopez in her final Giselle) is "penciled in" for a particular night.

You will have a great trip--March is beautiful in Florida.

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Thanks for the advice, I got first row mezzanine seats at the Broward. I wish they scheduled different programs over a single weekend so I could see them in a few things and get a sense of their style. I love Giselle though, and I'm looking forward to them.

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