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Which dead choreographer are you?

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Hm...it seems that Quizilla refuses to put up the revised version, so the one above will have to do for now. So, which dead ballet choreographer are you, Alexandra? (As if I need ask ;) )

Editing to say Never mind! I just clicked on the above link and it worked.

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Actually, I'm abstaining from taking the poll. It was much more fun reading it and figuring out who you meant for each answer!

Editing to add: I couldn't resist. I ended up being Fokine, I think because my very favorite answer option is "put them back into repertory!"

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:shhh: . . . but I'm FA, too. At least when I answered "honestly" :innocent: Also had trouble registering my rating. Is there a homepage on which to sign in? If so, it isn't linked on the "Which Choregrapher" page.

When I answered with extreme prejudice and deviousness :wub: , I was Mr. B., just as I hoped. :party:

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I wish I hadn't been so darned honest, because if I'd been George Balanchine, I'd be one step closer to his choreographic protege, Jacques D'Amboise, the one I REALLY identify with because 1) of his fantastic work with children; 2) his climbing the Appalachian Trail (I'm a walking/hiking addict and love the outdoors); and 3) his using the beautiful and talented Janet Eilber in his production with the kids (I once played the same role she did in the play "Romantic Comedy"). Yes, yes, I digress, that's what I do.

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