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Unearthing a well-produced ballet DVD at a reasonable price is very much like panning for gold! You almost need a Web Bloodhound to sniff out the gems from all the over-priced lemons! I can only comment on finding ballet DVDs from Canada. I try to buy from Canadian venues because of shipping costs ($3 to $8) per DVD and the cost of failing to sneak a ballet through Canada Customs (add 20 to 40% to price). So that Swan Lake DVD you thought was a steal at $20 (Canadian dollars), all of sudden shoots up to $39 with shipping and Customs! Egad!

My favorite Canadian website is :Dhttp://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/tg/browse...6832136-8115244 :wink:

Amazon offers the best value, free shipping (if your order tops $39), and good reviews by Amazon reviewers and customers.

My least favorite website is :green: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/default.asp?...A611C44EDFB1304 :green:

Most of the titles are out of stock, offer just a brief description, and are overpriced. For example http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/item.asp?N=3...40B51A8739A2504

Compared to


Other sources include ballet companies (often $10 more than priced in stores) and http://www.ebay.ca/ or http://www.ebay.com

In Toronto, you can sometimes find bargains at HMV (especially on Boxing Day) and the World’s Biggest Bookstore (which also carries DVDs).

Tip #1: Shop, shop, shop, shop AROUND!!!

Of course, the best deal of all is TV! :grinning: PBS and CBC will show full-length ballets from time to time. The only problem here is VHS tapes don’t last forever and don’t offer the same quality as DVD. I can’t afford a DVD recorder. When I do buy DVD ballets I look for Royal Ballet productions, which have never disappointed. Be careful when buying abroad. You want to ensure the format matches yours.

* Ballet Alert should rename this topic DVDophiles because Videophiles will soon be extinct! Unfortunately, many ballet companies have yet to make the conversion of offering ballets in DVD format. I would dearly love to purchase Balanchine ballets but unfortunately they are only available in video format http://www.nycballet.com/nycballet/balvid.asp

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Remember laser discs? I have ballets on laserdiscs and am having a hard time finding some of them on other formats without paying a fortune. For a while I couldn't find Royal Ballet's "Manon", and now that I have it's very costly. Even more costly is "Prince of the Pagodas"; for a ballet that generally gets negative reviews it certainly comes at a hefty price.

Does anyone know of a means of converting laser disc recordings to tapes or DVD's? Can you go to a VHS/DVD store and have it done?


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Below is a link on how to convert from VHS to DVD:


Most of the websites I researched charge between $10 to $25 to convert from VHS to DVD: The cost sometimes of a DVD.


Below is information on converting laser discs to DVD:


FYI: I also own The Prince of the Pagodas – only in video format.

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It is very simple to convert/copy laser disc to DVD. A DVD +R, I have the Philips 985 and will probably get the Sony RDR GX7. Your DVD R must have RW capabilities as the shorter lengths of the LD means that you have to usually edit and splice onto a RW DVD disc and you cannot do that on R only burners unless you use the hard drive.

The Philips will record whatever signal goes into them. Either a tuner or external sources, they have 5 different variants of inputs. They will also copy in PAL, SECAM or NTSC but will not convert from one system to another.


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