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While rummaging through my videos today, I realized that one girl in my tape of the Vaganova Academy's 13-15 year old class (from several years ago) looked EXACTLY like the Mariinsky's current rising 'star', Daria Pavlenko. Only until the teacher called out her name and said something in Russian did I realize it really *was* Ms. Pavlenko, as a student! What took me by surprise was the fact that she wasn't really a 'favorite' in the class - there were several obvious favorites, and they were front and center, while Pavlenko was somewhere on the side. Well well, she certainly showed them, didn't she?

I purchased this video about 2 years ago from Chacott in Osaka, Japan, and they still might have them... Just thought you'd like to know, if you're interested. :wub:

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Yes, Chacott still has those tapes .... the whole series of them! For those interested .... Unfortunately, the whole tape is in Russian with Japanese sub-titling only.

Thanks for the info. I have some of these tapes and have always wondered what became of those students, esp. the "favourites".

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Hello hello!

Chacott is a dancewear/dance-related media store that's very popular with ballet students/professionals in both Japan and Europe. They *do* have a website, but you're going to have to forgive my laziness and do a search on google.com - :/ I take it you're interested in the video series of the Vaganova Academy - I'm not sure if the videos are able to be ordered online.... :shrug:

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The good news is that the Chacott site has an English site. The bad news is that the Vaganova videos are not on the site (for both English and Japanese sites), at least not from my quick search.

But I think if you e-mail them, they can help you notwithstanding that it is not on the site.

There are many of the Vaganova tapes though and they take up a couple of shelves in the Chacott basement shop. You may want to ask them to give you a list of the Vaganova tapes.

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