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I'm Old Fashioned

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I'm loving Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth in the 'I'm Old Fashioned' number from the movie "You Were Never Lovelier." I actually adore Fred and Ginger movies and had not previously seen Fred with Rita as a dancing duo.

I saw the ballet "I'm Old Fashioned", by Jerome Robbins many years ago and didnt' love it. But now watching Fred and Rita together I find that maybe I was not ready for their magic back then.

Does anyone out there have anything to report about "I'm Old Fashioned"?

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My response to the Robbins was that Astaire and Hayworth, whose dancing images opened and closed the ballet, upstaged the in-the-flesh dancers. There was no way that anyone on that stage -- wonderful as they often were -- could look special in comparison to Astaire. :blink:

Did you also notice, by the way, the many motifs that Robbins later used in "Fancy Free" during Astaire's dance in Adolphe Menjou's office? :innocent:

There is really some fabulous dancing in "You Were Never Lovelier." An underrated film, in my opinion, so Robbins deserves credit for bringing it to the attention of a new generation (or two).

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I suspected this as well! :wacko:

Thanks for pointing out the Robbins influences Carbro. Next time this film is on, I'll pay less attention to my computer screen and give my undivided attention to "You Were Never Lovelier". :)

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I agree that the dancers are upstaged by Fred and Rita -- but I still love it. It is quite a lovely homage and very clever in its way. I even love that its a bit treacly.

BTW, I find that this is one ballet that I frequently choose to bring ballet newbies to. When introducing someone to NYCB, I find you have to choose evenings somewhat carefully. If someone is prepared to see Swan Lake, but finds themself at an evening of plotless and black and white ballets, it is unlikely they will suggest going again soon. I'm Old Fashioned is a nice mix of Broadway, ballet and film, and ends the evening on a sweet note. It never fails to please.

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One cinema in Paris will be showing "You were never lovelier" next sunday, and I was hesitating to attend it (I'm not especially knowledgeable about musicals), and thought that this forum could be helpful- and indeed it is, that one-year old thread has convinced me that I definitely should see it! :blushing:

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You must! :yes:

I now own it on dvd and whip it out whenever I feel like getting on an Astaire high. :wacko: Also, if you like "You Were Never Lovelier" (please tell us what you think when you get back from seeing it), try "You'll Never Get Rich." It was the first movie he did with Hayworth, and I believe he uses the same screen name in both films. They make such a lovely duo, although my Latin teacher thinks she's a bit too young for him. :blushing: That thought had never occurred to me before because I always thought he had such a youthful face, almost cartoonish.

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