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Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake

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Have any Ballet Talkers seen the Graeme Murphy Swan Lake that premiered in Melbourne a few months ago? If so, I should be very grateful if you could describe how his new narrative has been grafted to the Tchaikovsky score--item by item, if that isn't too tall an order!--and also if you could record your reactions to it. I am a HUGE admirer of his Nutcracker, and wonder if he has managed something as fine with Lac.

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Leigh, thank you VERY much for this information. I was using the wrong syntax in the search. Instead of going to help buttons first, I always try to wing it, and, for example, end up posting ballet history questions in the ballet moms forum! I shall follow the hotlinks you provide at the first opportunity.

Grace, I am sure you are in for a treat. Michelle Potter has kindly sent me cuttings about the ballet from the SMH and another Oz paper--I can't check which now, for my matronly cat Gwendolen is sleeping on my lap, and I don't want to disturb her--and has also told me that she will be publishing an account in the next Brolga. All I know so far is that the story is modelled on the Charles/Diana/Camilla triangle, and that Camilla is Rothbart--or should that be Rothbartha?! When you get to see it, I hope you will treat us to a detailed post. Thanks so much.

With all good wishes


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