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Float or Hike?

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In the Else Mariann Von Rosen version of "La Sylphide" the sylph perches in arabeque on a hidden elevator and glides down from the window.

In the Erik Bruhn version she walks down via strategically placed furniture.

Is the authentic entrance to the farmhouse from the window known?

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Glebb, when Brenaa staged La Sylphide in Cape Town, he apparently asked the designer to instal an elevator for the descent. However, my RDB tape takes the mountain goat option. I imagine that that would be the more authentic, though we obviously need Alexandra's input on the matter. I think it might be a matter of aesthetic judgement, viz., should technological advances be enlisted to improve a known artistic intention? If moonlight is better evoked by electricity, who would want to go back to a gaslit convent scene for Robert le diable? And if violins sound more tender and rich played with a vibrato, who would want to abandon it? Well, the authentic instruments crowd for one! If I want new recordings of rare Mozart operas--eg Mitridate--I have to grin and bear those dead, stringy strings--or go hungry. I think a gliding sylph is better than a clambering one. But then again, one remains very conscious of the scored line in the canvas after the descent has been made!

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