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George Balanchine by Arlene Croce

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It has a title! That's promising.

Exept that Ballet and Balanchine is not a very good title. For one I'd prefer Balanchine and Ballet. And what I'd really want is Balanchine: A Life, in which, obviously, the ballets would be treated extensively. The current title however would indicate a book which perpetuates the notion that Balanchine's life was nothing but making up steps.

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Rachel, it was the absence of any mention of the book on the company's website that prompted me to take further action. :wink: I e-mailed the publisher and got a reply from one Sarah Almond in the editorial department.

Re the title: yes, it strikes me as flat, too. But to me it suggests that the scope of the book is wide-ranging: not just a study of Balanchine's creations but a look at his whole impact on, and relation to, ballet. One of the most exciting things about Croce's writing, after all, has always been her broad intellectual range. And we knew that it wasn't going to be a biography.

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