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A question, please, for RG. Amazon lists a DVD Giselle for ABT in 1969. Nowhere do they list the performers! There were quite a few criticisms for poor camera work, cut-off feet, etc. Can this be the Bruhn/Fracci 'Giselle'? Since I already have this on tape, I am hoping for a different set of dancers, cut-off feet or not.

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indeed this is the same GISELLE, with, to the best of my knowledge, no extras as DVDs sometimes include. the only reason to acquire this version is to have the ease of running and watching it on a DVD player, tho' as you point out 'watching' it includes all those unfortunate film cuts and close-ups.

here's the linc.cent.library for the perf. arts' listing of the credits in case your cassette is not at hand, as you can see the tape was issued in '87, but the film dates from '69:

Giselle [co-produced by] Unitel Film- und Fernsehproducktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co., Munich, and TVE [Televisión Española], Madrid ; film directed by Hugo Niebeling and David Blair ; producer, Fritz Buttenstedt ; executive producer, Joseph Wishy ; choreography by David Blair after Coralli and Perrot ; music, Adolphe Adam.

U.S. : Philips Classic Productions, 1987, c1969.

(96 min.) : sd., col.

Motion picture originally released in 1969.

Danced by American Ballet Theatre: Carla Fracci (Giselle), Erik Bruhn (Prince Albrecht), Bruce Marks (Hilarion), Toni Lander (Myrtha), Eleanor D'Antuono and Ted Kivitt (peasant pas de deux), Ivan Nagy (Wilfred), Joy O'Neill (Berthe), Terry Orr (the squire), Paula Tracy (Bathilde), Diana Weber (Moyna), Ellen Everett (Zulma), and others.

Music performed by the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper, Berlin, conducted by John Lanchbery.

Director of photography, Wolfgang Treu ; scenario by Théophile Gautier and Vernoy de Saint-Georges ; scenery, Georges Wakhevitch and Oliver Smith ; costumes, Peter Hall and Jeanne Renucci.

Produced in the TVE studios, Madrid.

Film version of the ballet, based on the American Ballet Theatre production produced by Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith, as directed by David Blair.

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I would like to know if there are any good book/video stores in Australia where you can ring and get exactly what you want. I have yet to find somewhere in my own country that is able to satisfy my requests when I ring and ask, not "we'll search for you and then..... sorry we can't get that".

The DVD 's have to suit players in Australia just like VHS tapes need to be in PAL form. It makes purchasing these things difficult and/or expensive with exchange rates etc.

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I think that's a terrible thing to think about poor Giselle. She's a good girl, and would never have that, in fact I am INCENSED to think of how reputations are sullied these days by irresponsible gossip! THIS MUST COME TO AN END BEFORE INNOCENT YOUNG GIRLS REFUSE TO TAKE BALLET ANYMORE!!!... What's that? ... Oh! DVD?... ... Nevermind. :grinning:

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and now for an even more basic question: what does DVD stand for?

digital? video? disk? or ?????

and, incidentally and for future use, where, if one were wanting to seek an authoritative/official meaning for such a contemp. technical term and who didn't have knowledgable friends in powerful places such as balletalert, could one go to look this up?

curious minds want to know...

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