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Dear ABT: revival requests

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You're right, Alexandra--my list probably would look better on the Kirov! But I do think it would be fun to see Dvorovenko or Ananiashvili in Esmeralda, not to mention Ferri in Pas de Quatre.

I wonder if Jeux would look as athletic to us as it perhaps did to audiences at its premiere, considering the general athleticism of ballet these days.

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If ABT is really smart, they will ask Suzanne Farrell to stage and coach either Mozartiana or Divertimento no. 15 for next season.

I remember reading that she did wonders to Susan Jaffe in Mozartiana during the Balanchine festival years ago.She will do the same to the ABT ladies.


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Joe, I saw those "Mozartianas" -- and I agree. I thought it by far the best thing I've seen Jaffe do, and she got better each night. Farrell's greatest gift, so far at least, seems to be working with principal dancers, getting them to go beyond what they've done before. Interesting suggestions :unsure:

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