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Dear ABT: revival requests

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Sveiglar posted on another thread, asking if the company was ever going to do Petrushka again. I can't answer that, but I thought it might be interesting to have a place where people could put what they'd like to see revived. Casting suggestions welcome! You never know....

Petrushka is candidate number one.

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Ah, wouldn't that be nice? There was a lot of comment when Baryshnikov brought in MacMillan's that that represented a sea change for the company, a real break from Tudor, as it as unlikely that both ballets would be in repertory. Also there's the issue that audiences who love the MacMillan will find the Tudor, well, different :devil:

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Do these have to be from ABT's old rep?

In no particular order:

Pavilion d'Armide

Ashton's R&J (imagine ABT having three productions of that ballet)



Nijinsky's Rite of Spring (Yes, I know Joffrey's already done it), and also his "tennis" ballet--I forget the title

Pas de Quatre

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Les Sylphides

La Sylphide

Gala Performance

Romeo & Juliet - Tudor - (I saw it in the late 70s and loved it.)

Hans, the Nijinsky/tennis ballet is "Jeux." ABT could rent the sets and costumes from Joffrey. :devil: Joffrey performed "Jeux" at Kennedy Center two years ago.

Victoria, did ABT ever perform "Prince Igor"?

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Ah yes, Leigh, Helen of Troy was totally fun. Cynthia Gregory, Bruce Marks & the cutest lamb on the planet: Susan Jones, now ballet mistress. Also Eliot Feld in the Hermes role.

Murphy, Carreno. Sarawanee Tanatanit as the lamb & maybe Lopez or Salstein as Hermes?

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I'd like to see Undertow again. I saw it in the late '70s, early '80s when there seemed to me to be a generation gap between ABT and Tudor -- Romeo, Pillar and Undertow didn't work. Danilo Radojevic was just no Hugh Laing :crying: I had a sense that the dancers were doing their level best, but Tudor's aesthetic was no longer the company's. They were wonderful in "Leaves are Fading," but the older works needed an expressionism that just wasn't their native language. About the same time, DTH began to do older ballets -- "Fancy Free," "Graduation Ball," "Streetcar," "Fall River Legend" -- that I thought DID work. They looked as though they'd been watching 1940s movies, if not 1940s ballet.

But I'd still like to see Undertow again.

And I think I'd rather see the Kirov tackle Hans's Wish List. I know staging Fokine at the moment is impratical to impossible (for bureaucratic reasons), but I'd like to see his "home company" try those works.

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Hello Alexandra,

What a great idea to post those works we want to see done and/or revived by ABT!However, how can we let ABT know our wishes and requests? Once there's a substantial list, would it be possible for you to send the list to ABT's artistic management? Again, thanks for yet another wonderful Ballet Alert idea.



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Thanks, Samsara,

I'm not sure it's Ballet Alert!'s place to make formal suggestions, or even pass along members' suggestions. BUT we always encourage people to let a company know what they like about a season, or don't like, or what ballets they'd like to see, or their opinion of new rep, revivals, etc. I'm sure they'd like to hear from you, too. You can find the addresses of companies on their web sites -- so write, write, write :crying:

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If we're talking about ABT Balanchine revivals, I'd like to see this crew do Stravinsky Violin. They could probably do very well with Sonnambula, too. Love that ballet. :D Suggested casts: Sleepwalker: Julie Kent/Irina Dvorovenko*; Poet: Jose Carreno/Marcelo Gomes/Max Belotserkovsky; Coquette: Michele Wiles/Monique Meunier (who's already done it at NYCB).

*Yes, I know :crying: , but I really think she could make it work.

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Thanks Joe and Carbro -- good ideas. Why shouldn't ABT have a Balanchine tribute? It would be fascinating to see Ballet Imperial in one house and Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto across the Plaza. The ballets mentioned above haven't been in rep for a generation, so there are a lot of people who haven't seen them.

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