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driver of a dancer

Balanchine dancers, now Directors or AD

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Trying to draw up a list of ballet companies who have Balanchine "roots." My daughters AD of ballet school told her to go towards SI's and companies that are "run" by x-dancers of his.

My small list is:

NYCB- Peter Martins

Suzanne Farrell- Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Paul Mejia- Arlington Ballet, TX

Edward Villella- Miami City Ballet

NCDT- Jean Pierre Bonnefous and Patricia McBride

This list has to be bigger......assistance please

Hope this is on the correct forum :rolleyes:

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This is a fine place for it, Driver of a Dancer.

Helgi Tomasson directs the San Francisco Ballet

Kent Stowell and Francia Russell direct the Pacific Northwest Ballet

Ib Andersen directs Ballet Arizona

I'm sure others will add more.

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As far as summer schools, CPYB is run by former Balanchine

In NY State, the NYSSSA program is run by Bojan and Stephanie Spassoff and most of the teachers are former Balanchine or current NYCB members

John Pierre and Patricia McBride also run Chataqua Ballet in the summer in NY

I also believe the Pittursburg Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet are run but former Balanchine dancers although I can't remember the names off hand

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This is from nycballet.com

Jacques d’Amboise - Director, National Dance Institute

Daniel Duell - Artistic Director, Ballet Chicago

Gen Horiuchi Artistic Director, Saint Louis Ballet

Judith Fugate Co-Artistic Director, Ballet NY

Nanette Glushak Artistic Director, Ballet du Capitol de Toulouse

David Keary Artistic Director, Ballet Mississippi

Linda MacArthur-Miele Artistic Director, Maine State Ballet

Yvonne Mounsey Artistic Director, Westside Ballet Company

David Otto Artistic Director, The Albany Dance Institute;

Artistic Director, The Capital Ballet Company

Robert Weiss Artistic Director, Carolina Ballet

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Driver of a dancer, never worry about whether it's in the right forum or not. We have Little Elves who move things around when you're asleep :)

bellepoele, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is directed by Terry Orr, who danced with ABT. I believe Roy Kaiser (Pennsylvania Ballet) is from NYCB -- but I'll wait to stand corrected :(

So DD will have a lot of places from which to choose!

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Roy Kaiser did not dance with NYCB, his brother Russell did. (He's a ballet master there now.) I believe Roy went up through the ranks at Pennsylvania Ballet. That being said, the company still has close ties to NYCB and its style.

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Gremlins are messing with my posts here! :thumbsup:


Arthur Mitchell is Artistic Director of The Dance Theater of Harlem.

Glora Govrin is Associate Director of the San Francisco Ballet School.

Jillana runs The Jillana School and Technique in Taos.

Judith Fugate is Co-Artistic Director of DanceGalaxy.

Suzanne Erlon is Director of the Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & Academy.

Laura Flagg-Pitts is Assistant to the Artistic Director at the School of Ballet Oklahoma.

Edited by Marga

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Marga, as Leigh noted, Judith Fugate and Medhi Bahiri's company is now called Ballet NY. :D

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