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Searching for Barabara Fewster's Pointe by point

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I'm searching for Barabara Fewster's Pointe by point video. I would prefer to buy it within the country. I've come close to finding it but no copies available. If you have it please let me know exactly where you bought it from so I can contact them and get one I need one NOW.

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ozzie - i bought mine IN london some years ago, from ross alley. did you check out RAD in sydney, via your members order form? i thought they had it..

but here are some other sources:


note :"Discontinued line - Last few copies now available at reduced price"

however, the combined video also advertised there would actually be better value anyway!

i promise you you can absolutely trust DANCEBOOKS in the UK ( - owner is an australian, whose classes i used to do in london - he taught, amongst others, lucette aldous.) it's the LAST VIDEO at bottom of this page - it is the double one for 26 pounds - exchange rate is very good at the moment - better than it has been for MANY years.


AMERICAN Target stores:






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