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On Friday night, June 27, 2003 at the NYIBC, I watched "Duet (Opus 41, No. 1) from Mazurkas" by Jose Limon. I watched it sixteen times in a row. The beauty of the duet and the excellent staging by Roxane D'Orleans Juste - who currently is an Artistic Associate and dancer with the Limon Dance Company made the experience a treat.

Has anyone seen the complete work? Is it all as divine as the duet?

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I've seen the full work several times. It was set by Ann Vachon on the professional company in residence at the University of Washington when it was first being revived -- it's also been notated, though I don't think the score is available for public review.

It is a lovely work, very typical of Limon stylistically, and full of opportunities for performers. I remember thinking at the time that the structure was not as strong as the material, possibly due to the repetative nature of the score (all mazurkas), but it's certainly worth looking at on its own, and definately as a part of Limon's rep. I'm glad to hear that at least a part of it is getting wider recognition.

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