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EBU Competitions

Pamela Moberg

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The European Broadcasting Union ballet competition will be broadcast here on the Swedish TV network next Friday night.

European dancers only, many French participants normally, thou very few, if any, English. We are hoping for some Russians! The event will take place in Amsterdam.

Will report on Saturday! I am certainly looking forward to it.:)

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Well, now we have seen it and we have to digest...

OK, we have wieved a second time on video...

First prize went to Sweden, Sebastian Michanek and Kristina Oom.

Pas de deux by Mats Ek, music by Sibelius - awful costumes by ?.

Well, usual Cullberg-EK fare, feet wide apart in second, strutting about - lifts from "The ox dance" in "Värmlänningarna" (see my homepage).

Never mind, we are still happy, Sebastian was a neighbour of ours out here in the wilds of south of Gothenburg, and he was also a schoolfriend of my daughter Eva who went to the Swedish

National Ballet School. Neigbourgly cheers from us... what else...

But, here I got out the bottle of champagne! Second prize, the guy from Ukraine, but apparently trained in Petersburg, Jerlin Ndudi, 16, doing the "Corsaire".

Yes, folks, the kid is a mere 16, second prize (ought to have been first judging by applause of assembled family).

What a wonderful kid, what potential - do I see another great star? Only time will tell. But now, the kid's name was Jerlin Ndudi which sounds very west African to me, besides, he was definitely not fair skinned.

But what a lovely dancer of great promise - only hope he will stick to it.

Did not see any girls of great promise, competent, yes, but not WOW.

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Was this your opinion or was it the actual results?

Because I believe that (if I'm not terribly mistaken) the Swedish couple won the first modern/contemporary prize and that the young Ukranian won the first prize in the classical part of the competition. And the Ukranian also got the highest over all score by the judges.

Wouldn't it have been quite interesting if Rebecca Labbé who danced the same variation as the girl from Switzerland would have represented Sweden?? Then there would have been two gilrs dancing the same variation in the same competition!

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From the EBU Eurovision Young Dancers 2003 website the official results:


The results of the finals

"Congratulations to all of the participants in the Eurovision Young Dancers Competition and

to the winners:


Jerlin Ndudi



Kristina Oom & Sebastian Michanek


Youth Jury's choice

Monika Hejduková & Viktor Konvalinka

Czech Republic"

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