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Teresa Reichlen - WOW-WOW-WOW!!

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Just a quick follow-up to a small mention that I made on the NY-IBC thread (as I just saw TR yesterday afternoon, in between rounds of the NY-IBC, elsewhere in Lincoln Center). As it turned out, the competition was a bummer and - lo and behold! - I suddenly have a new NYCB ballerina to cheer on and adore. WHO IS THIS AMAZING dancer? Granted, now I live in Moscow & have been out-of-the-US-scene and following the up-and-comers. Frankly, I purchased a ticket to yesterday's matinee to see the much-laded Carla Korbes' premiere as Titania -- which was good enough, considering Korbes' obvious first-time jitters.

But it was Teresa Reighlen's regal, noble, totally-European-Queen of a Hippolita who made the indelible impression.

What nobility in the Act II Wedding March! What an extension! What 'snap' and musicality! WHAT A SOARING JETE!

St. Petersburg & all Mother Russia can't wait to embrace this dancer (and the rest of NYCB), very soon. :)

Wooooweee!! Zoweee!!!

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Don't hold back, Jeannie, tell us what you think :)

More to the point, I liked Reichlen too, and didn't have any reservations about her inexperience. A solo in Raymonda or another tidbit on stage would have been nice before getting the much more demanding roles she's gotten (imagine your first solo role being the second ballerina in Piano Concerto No. 2!) but I thought she acquitted herself very well (and looked better on Sunday than she did on Wednesday.

Just for the record, it isn't Korbes' debut in the role, but she hasn't gotten to do it in a while. She is so lovely and ripe in the part, but she's got strength issues that have to be addressed by more stage time - but she can't get more stage time if she's injured - but she'll get injured if she's weak - and so on. I'm hoping something breaks this cycle. She has amazing promise.

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So you REALLY want to know if I like her, Leigh?


So maybe, in 2012, we'll be looking back at this season & saying, "We remember when 'the kid Reichlen' was a colt..."? :)

Yeah, T.R. is OK...

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I can second Jeannie's enthusiasm for Teresa Reichlin. The fouettes were done "on a dime" and the three jetes in a row just soared and got bigger as the music did (the way they should be done). This kid's another one with loads of raw talent.

Jeannie, please give us lots of reports from St. Petersburg.

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