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PRIX Dom Pérignon 2003: 3rd Choreographic Competition

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The finalists have always been selected from prominent companies. This year they have Jeremie Belingard of the POB and Jir Bubenicek as well as Yukichi Hattori from the Hamburg Ballet.

Prize: 8.000 €, in addition the ballet will be taken over into the repertory of The Hamburg Ballet and be danced by members of The Hamburg Ballet.

Their will be no additional fee for the setting of the piece for The Hamburg Ballet.

* Honorary "Encouragement Prize" as well as an unendowed "Public's Choice".

* The jury will be composed of renowned Ballet Directors of European companies.

* Result of the pre-selection announced on June 1, 2003.

The Jury

* Natalia Makarova

* Ivan Liska - Bayerisches Staatsballett

* Giorgio Mancini - Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

* Frédéric Olivieri - Teatro alla Scala

* Madeleine Onne - Royal Swedish Ballet

* Matz Skoog - English National Ballet

* John Neumeier - Hamburg Ballet

The Finalists

* Jérémie Bélingard

* Jirí Bubenícek

* Hugo Fanari

* Marco Goecke

* Mirko Hecktor

* Yukichi Hattori

* Adriana Mortelliti und Corneliu Ganea

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