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2003-2004 Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

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I received the brochure for the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center (TAPAC) subscription seasons for dance and music (excluding opera, which gets its own brochure) yesterday. The dance season for 2003-2004 is as follows:

- Galili Dance Company - a modern dance company based in the Netherlands but the director (Itzik Galili) is Israeli.

- Phillipe Blanchard Dance Company - a Swedish modern dance company

Both the above are part of a Dance Europa Festival. I assume other companies will be coming and performing in smaller or less "opera house" style venues.

- The Kirov !!!! will be performing Romeo and Juliet (chor. Lavrovsky) and Le Corsair (chor. Piotr Gusev based onMArius Petipa).

R&J is part of the subscription series. Corsair isn't. Personally, I would have programmed it the other way round - I think it's much easier to draw a casual ballet goer to R&J.

- Bat-Sheva Dance Company - program includs a company premier by Mats Ek.

- Tosca - the opera, sung live, will be used as "an integral soundtrack" (that's what the brochure says - is this unusual? are soundtracks not integral to the dance?) for a modern dance work choreographed by Renato Zanella, director of the Ballet of the Vienna Opera.

It looks good, and I really hope that the Kirov comes (as some of you know, I won't be here to see them) but I'm not holding my breath. This year's no-shows (for the TAPAC subscription series) include the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and La Scala in Sylvie Guillem's Giselle.

A 5 performance subsricption costs between 120 US$ and 250 US$. I'm not sure what the policy is re. no-shows. I know that a replacement is usually performed, but go compare Merce Cunningham to Bat-Sheva or the Kibbutz Dance Company (especially for an Israeli audeince who can see these companies often and even at less expensive venues) and I don't know whether you can get your money back.

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