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OBT's American Choreographers Showcase


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The dates were May 25th through June 8th and I'm wondering if anyone attended or has read anything about this?

From their website I read:

American Choreographers Showcase, OBT’s annual festival of new works, has gained a national reputation over the past twelve years as a hotbed of innovative new choreography. This year’s program will feature six of the most creative and popular contemporary works of the past four seasons, providing a unique and diverse cross section of the OBT repertoire, as well as an illustration of the range, talent and ability of the company’s dancers. Program A features Peter Martins’ energetic and spirited Calcium Light Night, David Parsons’ oVbeat and intriguing The Envelope, and Trey McIntyre’s romantic Like a Samba and his urban cool Speak. Program B features Paul Vasterling’s elegant, neoclassical ballet Seasons with Trey McIntyre’s witty and phantasmagorical Aliss in Wonderland.
and thought it sounded worthy of some coverage in the news. Have I missed the links on this?

Thanks for any information.

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Didn't see them this year, but Trey McIntyre's "Like a Samba", "Speak" and "Aliss" (all presented in the past) were extraordinary in their diversity and quality. Maybe Erik or K8tes mom caught it. Wish more OBT-goers would post. We have an extremely exciting season coming up & hopefully some lurkers will pipe up.

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