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Joffrey Ballet at Ravinia

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Pick your lead:

"The warmest part of the evening was the audience's applause."

"The company premiered its latest hit, 'Light Frost'." (alternatively, 'Freezing Rain'.)

"Davis Robertson, the gallant cavalier in 'L'Air d'Esprit', was handsomely costumed in an attractive gray fleece pullover."

Actually, the entire company was attired in a variety of leggings, sweats, head wraps, sweaters, and rehearsal skirts. Artistic Director Gerald Arpino appeared personally to inform the audience that he had invited his dancers to wear rehearsal clothing to cope with the 50-degree (F) weather in the outdoor Pavilion at Ravinia. "I want them to dance at their peak," he said, "but I never imagined it would feel like the peak of Mt. Everest."

Needless to say, this performance was not the dancers' best. The dancing was reserved, at times a little jerky and hesitant. No one cared, though. I think everyone appreciated the sacrifice the dancers were making, and no one wanted anyone to pull a muscle, fall, or otherwise injure themselves. Besides, we were all freezing too, so there was little of the "we're all in this together" spirit.

After I warm up, I might post a little more about the actual program.

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