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Post-SAB Workshop & Contracts

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Does anyone know if any company contracts were given to SAB students following the workshop (whether it is NYCB or otherwise)?

Yesterday, a UPS man dropped a package off at the office where I work. He noticed my NYCB calendar hanging in my cubicle and my desktop wallpaper (a picture of Alexandra Ansanelli in Coppelia). He commented on my liking ballet and said that his daughter was just given a contract to NYCB. He then said that his daughter is Olivia Goodrich, who danced Princess Florine in the Aurora's Wedding Section of Sleeping Beauty in the workshop. He was a very nice man & I said that he should congratulate his daughter!

Again, I know the message board is not for gossip or speculation, but I was wondering if any *official* releases were made as to who has been accepted into the company. I checked on the NYCB website under the dancers section, and no new additions are listed. However, I remember in the past, the website isn't always the quickest to be updated.

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Ballerina1023 - I'm closing the thread, but I'll do some asking and I'll reopen it as soon as there's some sort of announcement or official word from SAB or NYCB. [i'm just closing it to keep the unconfirmed rumors to a minimum.]

For what it's worth, I think most of the graduates will be offered apprenticeships rather than full company contracts, and apprentices aren't listed in the roster or put on the website.

If people need to email me off-board about the subject, go ahead.

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I haven't forgotten you :D

So far, the press office has confirmed two contracts from Apprentice to the company: Christian Tworzyanski and Stirling Hyltin.

There is a possibility of more apprentices getting contracts in the next few days and I've asked them specifically about the apprentices named from the school. I'll post as soon as they respond.

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Here's the list from the NYCB press office of dancers offered apprenticeships.

Men -

Tyler Angle

Vincent Paradiso

Women -

Likolani Brown

Maya Collins

Olivia Goodrich

Lauren King

Sara Mearns

Tellingly, the list I had gotten from a good reliable inside source. . .was slightly wrong. That's why it's best to wait for official confirmation. Slightly wrong can be an embarrasment!

[postscript by LAW - "wrong" is unfair. Just different from what ended up being the final outcome - but it's still a good reason to wait for official confirmation!]

Congratulations to all!

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After reading the post in today's Links forum about Carolina Ballet... I decided to read a bit more about this company and its dancers and found the name of Zlato Fagundes - and am wondering if this is the same person who was injured during, at least, part of the SAB Workshop performances this year?

I'm sure there are many other notable names on this roster, but his caught my eye initially.

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