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Where in the world is Viviana Durante?

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Viviana Durante has been my favorite dancer for a very long time now. I have heard about her hardships and seen her grow on video for years. My question is-where is she now? I'd love to see how she is dancing. I would even take a trip to go see her dance. I hear that she is guesting. Does anyone know where and when?

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She's right here in Tokyo! She has been here for a few years already.

Tetsuya Kumakawa (previously of Royal Ballet) has set up his own ballet company here called K-Ballet, and Ms Durante is a "guest principal". K-Ballet is presently doing Swan Lake and Ms Durante is Odette.

If you are interested, K-Ballet's web-site has a little English too and it is at www.kumakawa.org.

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glad you've 'found' her.

all i can tell you about viviana durante is that we used to share the same hairdresser. one day i went in there and said i wanted my hair like HERS - spiral permed (hers is naturally like that, mine was just long & wavy). the hairdresser said viviana had referred to ME, as how she wanted HERS. (she knew me only very vaguely, at a distance, as a friend of a friend.) funny, isn't it. we always want what we don't have...

it's years since i've seen her, but she WAS a marvellous dancer - a bit like ferri -......... but not QUITE ferri..........

you can see where MY admiration lies.

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This is totally off subject, but grace, I absolutely idolize Ferri, she is my favorite! :) I have a bulletin board in my room which is covered with pictures of her. I'm dying to she her perform live, hopefully in Giselle because I already have seen Romeo and Juliet but Julie Kent danced it and that's the only live ballet I've seen. But my partner gave me a DVD of her in Giselle as a present because he knows how much I admire Ferri and I love it! I cried like five times when I watched it, during the Mad Scene the first time I saw it, and then the end when the sun comes up always gives me chills and make me want to cry. She's such a beautiful dancer and I admire her musicality and acting ability and everything about her so much! I was so happy when I watched ABT's variety and virtuousity video and she gave so much good advice in it! I hope I get to see her or meet her one day! Have you ever seen her or met her?

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