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List of Asian Ballet Schools


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i am posting to ask your help. i need to compile a list of 'serious' ballet schools in asia, which might have suitable pre-professional candidates to send to australia for an international ballet competition, later this year (september).

in the past, we have had entries from japan and, i believe, singapore. this year we hope to attract dancers from wider afield.

the organising body is the Australian Instituute of Classical Dance. the competition takes place in perth, western australia at the west australian academy of performing arts (WAAPA), which is part of edith cowan university: excellent facilities, including a new (second) theatrette.

the competition is similar to the 'genee' or 'prix de lausanne' style - a class audition, followed by two solos in differing styles, with further selection, down to semi-finals and finals - in front a panel of judges from the dance profession. the prizes (money for further training) total around about US $5000, as i recall.

this contest is held only every second year. the last time it was held, the winner was stephen macrae from sydney, who went on, the next year, to win the genee AND then, almost immediately, the prix de lausanne! whew!

given that perth is on the indian ocean rim, cities (with ballet schools) which are convenient to here, include hong kong, singapore, kuala lumpur, taipei; Japanese cities, etc.

i know there are asian ballet students posting here. could some of you post the names, postal addresses , fax numbers and/or email addresses of the best schools in your geographic areas? that would be very helpful. :)

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for the sake of keeping everything in the same place, i am going to kick this off by posting the two main schools in new zealand (asian or not!):

new zealand school of dance


DIR: gary harris

PO box 7146 wellington south, NZ

PH +64 4 389 0996

Fax: +64 4 389 4996

email karen@tewhaea.org.nz

international ballet academy


DIR: sherilynn kennedy

PO box 22-426

christchurch NZ

PH: +64 3 365 5600

FAX: +64 3 365 5634

email: enquiries@ibc.ac.nz

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Here are two of the three I intended to post. I haven't been home for some time so I don't know if these are still correct. We have great dancers :).

NAME: Ballet Philippines Foundation Inc.

ADDRESS: 4/F CCP Bldg. Roxas Blvd., Manila, Philippines

CONTACT NOS. Tel. 832-36-75/832-36-76/832-36-89/832-11-25 loc 253/254

E-Mail : balletphilippines@axti.com / Website: balletphilippines.com.ph

NAME: Ballet Manila

ADDRESS: #1865 Donada St. ,Pasay City, Manila, Philippines

CONTACT NOS. Tel. 512-50-31 to 32, 525-59-67 / 525-15-84

The third is for Philippine Ballet Theater (PBT), the info for which you might get from the schools above.

Hope this helped :).

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thank you very much.

do 'we' know of any suitable (ie. pre-professional) SCHOOLS (rather than companies) in china?

how about japan or thailand?

i know its not 'Asia', but south african/african schools would also be appropriate...

all help gratefully received, ASAP! :)

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Hi, Grace,

The followings are some Dance schools in China. The schools are not solely ballet-oriented. Ballet is one of their majors

1> Beijing Dancing Institute (college)

Tel: 0086-10-68935691(general)


2> Beijing Dancing Institute affliated Middle School

Tel: 0086-10-68935714

3>Ailian Dancing School

Tel: 0086-10-63729712


4>Runliang Dancing School

Tel: 0086-10-82590547

5>Liaoning Ballet Company Affiliated Middle School

Tel: 0086-24-86899091

6>Shanghai Dancing School

Tel: 0086-21-62759603

7>Guangdong Gaoyue Dancing School


Those are some Chinese Dance training Schools, Hope it's of any help to you.

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thank you mbjerk - i was only thinking the opposite: that one didn't want to 'insult' a COMPANY by suggesting that their dancers might need to (win money to) pursue more training!

melodies - that is a wonderful list. :) is there any chance you could find postal addresses, or email addresses for any of these? i am afraid that if *I* phoned them to ask for such information, maybe i would only get someone who speaks mandarin!

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Guest sapphirenite

hi grace

here's a few places i think you could try.

1) Singapore Dance Theatre

Fort Canning Centre, 2nd Storey,

Cox Terrace, Singapore 179618

Tel: (65) 6338 0611 Fax: (65) 6338 9748


although this is a company, they may have some apprentices who would be interested. (we don't really have a pre-professional school which feeds into the company)

2) Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Dance Department)

111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

Tel : (65) 6331 0399, 6331 366 or 6331 0341

Email: dance@nafa.edu.sg


as you can tell, this is actually an arts school and not a dance school at all, however i believe there are good dancers in the department.

3) Lasalle-SIA School of the Arts (School of Dance)

Head: Ms Caren Carino

90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053


same as the above, but i don't know as much about it. (and i lost her card)

hope these helps

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just adding some other addresses, so they're all in the same place... (hope this is OK, alexandra...):


School of Ballet, University of Cape Town,

Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701,

Republic of South Africa

Telephone:RSA (21) 650-2398/9

Fax: RSA (21) 650-3524

e-mail: muslr@protem.uct.ac.za

Technikon Pretoria

Department of Dance & Musical Theatre

Arts Campus (Nelson Mandela Drive)

Private Bag X680

Pretoria 0001

Ms Vicki Karras (Head of Department)

Tel. (012) 318-6156

Fax: (012) 318-6018

e-mail: dance@techpta.ac.za

web: http://www.techpta.ac.za/tp_web/index.php?struc=177


HK Academy of Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

1 Gloucester Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Susan Street, Dean of Dance

email: s.street@hkapa.edu

T: 2584 8539 F : 2802 3856

Admin Tel: (852)2584 8554 or 2584 8579

Fax: (852)2584 8722

E-mail: aso@mail.hkapa.edu

web: http://www.hkapa.edu/asp/dance/dance_introduction.asp

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National Institute of the Arts in Taipei

1, Hsueh Yuan Road, Peitou, Taipei 112,

Taiwan, R. O. C.

Tel: 886-2 28961000

Fax: 886-2 28938711

E-mail: www@www.nia.edu.tw

Web site: http://www.nia.tw


Bangkok City Ballet

59-59 /1 Sukhumvit Road

Soi 49/3

Bangkok 10110


TEL: 0 2662 5020

FAX: 0 2662 5019

email: info@bangkokcityballet.com

web: http://www.bangkokcityballet.com

Dance Centre

Sukhumvit Soi 33 Studio

53/3 Sukhumvit Soi 33


Bangkok 10110


DIRECTOR: Khun Vararom Pachimsawat

Tel: 259-8861 Tel/Fax: 258-9227

E-Mail: info@dance-centre.com

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Guest Kelsey

Hi Grace,

I don't think that Singapore has many 'serious schools'. Most of the students get sent for competitions by their teachers, and some of these teachers don't actually operate dance schools by themselves, they just rent studios to teach their classes. The only serious school that we have is the Singapore Ballet Academy, which is affiliated to the Singapore Dance Theatre. (SBA doesn't have a website)

Most dance teachers refer their outstanding students to SBA if they want to send their charges for competitions. The ballet scene in Singapore is very small, so the teachers pretty much know each other. So talented students are most often 'channeled' to SBA for further training if they want to attend competitions.

Most ballet students here will give you the name of their teacher rather than their school as a reference point. Some of the teachers I know who have turned our good students are Mrs Susan Cheong Sarkies, June Lee, Sandra Ho, Hung Yee Skipp and Sylvia McCully.

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Hi, Grace,

I only found the postal address of these school

1> Beijing Dancing Institute & its affiliated Middle School

No.19 Southern Minzu Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100081, China

2> Runliang Dancing School

#9371 P.O Box, Haidian District, Beijing 100093, China

3>Shanghai Dancing Middle School

No.1674 Hongqiao Road, Changjing District, Shanghai 200336, China

I can give you the other schools' add to you when I got them later.

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an extra one i was sent today from hong kong, is the Jean Wong School of Ballet.

this RAD school is the largest and best-known school in HK - and i've been told, in the past, that it's actually the largest ballet school in the world (in terms of student numbers). i don't know whether or not that's true, but i don't have any reason to doubt it. Their address is:

18 Tanner Road,

North Point,

Hong Kong.

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There used to be a pretty good ballet school in Tokyo - Ana's School of Dance - that despite the name sent off about three kids yearly to the Royal Ballet School, but I don't know what's happened to it, and if it survived the proprietor's death. It might be worth looking into - I can't think of any other ballet schools in Tokyo, sorry. :)

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I am bumping this to the top in the hope that someone will be able to help.

My daughter, who is a professional level ballet dancer, will be spending 10 weeks this summer in Shanghai as part of an internship at her university.The program expects her to perform in China, but they do not understand what is involved in terms of taking class and keeping in shape. She will need to find a place to take regular ballet and possibly jazz or modern classes. Would anyone in this forum be able to direct me to the names and web pages of any dance schools in Shanghai? Or if they do not have web pages, perhaps to the names and addresses. I have only found one school so far, largely because they have an English web page and that is the Shanghai Etoile Ballet School. They seem to be fine but since the map they offer is in Chinese, I cannot figure out whether she would be able to get there from her student housing so I was hoping to find some other places as well.

Thank you so much for your time.


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Renata, BalletTalk is a site for the audience and this thread, to which you merely replied, is actually beyond our scope. It should have been removed, but somehow it escaped the moderators' attention. I will leave it open for a little while, just in case people have suggestions.

Have you tried posting on our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers? You'll find a link at the top of the screen all the way to the right. You'll have to register separately there, if you haven't already.

Because there are so many experienced dancers of all levels and teachers on that site, you're more likely to draw helpful replies.

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