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Each year the Academy of Classical Ballet (Denver Colorado) performs 2 times, the annual Nutcracker and a spring performance of one of the classical ballets. It's one of the primary reasons I take classes there, even though it's a 45 minute drive from home. Last fall, my work/travel schedule (as a TV director/cameraman) pretty much prohibited any possibility of my making enough rehearsals to make performing in Nut realistic. However, our cast was sterling, so I decided to take the opportunity to make a great video of the performance instead.

It took way too many hours of editing time, but the project is now done. Two cameras, titles, credits, slo-motion, dissolves - this is a production I can be proud of, and that is a pretty high standard considering I have several EMMYs sitting on my mantle.

If anyone is interested in seeing a high quality production of a COMMUNITY ballet group (we aren't NYCB and never will be), VHS copies are finally available. E-mail me for details barretalk@aol.com

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In fact, now I've thought more about it, the Royal Ballet's version is the only one I know with a Sugar Plum Fairy...Maillot's version for the Ballets de Monte Carlo doesn' t have one, Bart's version for the Staatsoper in Berlin doesn't eother, nor does the Royal Ballet of Sweden one by .... I can't remember his name right now, sorry, and I don't think the version by mark Morris has one either...I can't remember, but it would very much surprise me!

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