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Ballets of Jerome Robbins?

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Thanks for that quote, Helene...that's the "mystery" of the role...she's a bit like Melisande in Debussy's opera...is she really innocent or is she calculating her effect on the faun/young man?

One memorable interpretation in recent seasons was Darci's...in which her beautiful hair created quite a sensation. It was even mentioned in the reviews. I think women of different ages can have a success here, but I think she has to be "womanly" even if she is young. That leaves Fairchild out, as well as Bouder. Korbes or Ellen Bar is more the type...in my estimation. Of the current younger interpreters, Janie Taylor scores high...with her inscrutable "savage beauty" look. I loved it!

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I'd love to see someone cast in it who would be a throwback to LeClercq's take on the role - the one John Martin wrote of as filled with "neurotic tension" - as a contrast to Farrell's more innocent and otherworldly interpretation which has become standard. But who? The best I can come up with there is Miranda Weese a decade ago. At this point I think she's too sophisticated and mature.

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:( Mofid was an exotically magnificent male specimen who was a member of NYCB's corps in the mid-80s. I believe he was Iranian by birth. I do not know why he left (his career was on the ascendent) nor what became of him after his too-brief career at City. :(

Wait! A Google search reveals that he is now a Doctor of Chiropractic in Boise! Unfortunately, I was unable (after a quick and superficial effort) to find a photo.

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i too bemoaned the 'loss' of mofid when he quit the scene, at one point i'd heard he was becoming a forest ranger, then i guess he became this physiotherapist noted above. (i last saw him in the ny state th. lobby attending a perf. some years ago, and once met his mother there and told her that i was sure i wasn't alone saying how much missed her son was.)

i have some photos somewhere of this handsome dancer. he was the lead alongside lisa jackson in peter martins's 'capriccio italien' first given at the school of american ballet and later at NYCB for the tchaikovsky fest.

i'll post a photo if i can find one.

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Count me too as someone who admired Afshin Mofid generally and his Faun in particular. I followed Carbro's lead and did a google on him. He apparently is (or was) on the faculty of Ballet Idaho Academy of Dance, as well as on the list of "preferred" doctors of chiropractic in Boise. Hope you find that photo, rg.

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"Because of his precise, detailed airtight instructions, I feel confined when I dance certain of his ballets, like Afternoon of a Faun. Every movement and emotion is built in. I think it is a work that suits best, and is more easily danced by, young dancers, who are less self-aware, who have fewer self-concepts about themselves as dancers." --Mr. Martins in Far from Denmark

I'd simply like to see the man with the best upper body in the company in this number.

Does any one else have any insights on this aspect of restrictiveness? Is is true for the female too? Perhaps this was a time for Peter to "Swallow it, Swallow it" --Dancing for Mr. B.

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