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Yuan Yuan Tan


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When in Paris...The Interview with Yuan Yuan Tan:

Still, even in such a youth-centric profession, Tan is adamant that experience can win out. “Right now, technique is overemphasized, but how you deliver it is a fine art. It’s in your aura on stage, your confidence. You’re not just doing gymnastics and I think even non-dancers can tell on stage who is the star and who is the wannabe.”


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Hong Kong's Phoenix TV names Ms. Tan "one of the most influential Chinese"


"Meanwhile, He Hui, China's operatic soprano, and Tan Yuanyuan, San Francisco Ballet's prime dancer, were both honored as the most influential Chinese in the world of art."

A short article in San Francisco magazine online - be sure to click through the image gallery (Yuan Yuan Tan's comments are enjoyable):

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Yuan Yuan was invited to a private screening of Yuri Possokhov's RAkU, with YYT in the lead role, naturally, at Lucasfilm (I presume George Lucas was part of the audience). Hopefully this means the ballet is going to be available on DVD soon. Fingers crossed.





YYT also posted a really great photograph of Davit Karapetyan holding her aloft while performing Possokhov's The Bells

for a St. Petersburg audience.



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Yuan Yuan Tan has a Wiki page with her biography, and it includes an extensive list of print and editorial appearances in the media:


Note that you may need to scroll down a ways on the page to get to the extra content.

"A major breakthrough came when Tan was called as a last minute replacement for an injured principal dancer in George Balanchine’s Stravinsky Violin Concerto. Tan had never danced the ballet before, nor was she acquainted with the unique style of Balanchine’s choreography. Tan was given a videotape to watch from the San Francisco Ballet archives, and performed the piece after only 6 hours of learning.

The next season, in 1997, Tan was promoted to principal dancer; at the age of 19, she became the youngest principal in the history of the San Francisco Ballet, and the first Chinese dancer to reach that rank in a major company."

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I've started seeing more videos of Tan lately -

Now and Then PDD (John Neumeier) danced by SFB's Yuan Yuan Tan and Vito Mazzeo

Symphonic Dances PDD (Edwaard Liang) danced by Yuan Yuan Tan and Vito Mazzeo

Diving into The Lilacs PDD (Yuri Possokhov) danced by Yuan Yuan Tan and Vito Mazzeo
[audio track removed due to copyright claim]

La Dame aux Camélias PDD (John Neumeier) Yuan Yuan Tan and Edvin Revazov (Hamburg Ballet)

From long ago: Esmeralda GPDD - Yuan Yuan Tan and Felipe Diaz (these days SFB Ballet Master and Assistant A.D.)

Swan Lake adagio with Yuan Yuan Tan and José Martinez


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1 hour ago, sandik said:

Thanks for these -- I've been wondering what this looks like.

Everyone always does.  ;)
The 'plot' explanations don't really do the ballet much justice. And neither do these official clips because they don't give one the sense of what the mixed media environment is like. I like the rehearsal footage best just because I see details in the choreography that weren't apparent to me before (too bad that video is so low-resolution though).

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3 hours ago, pherank said:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi awarded Yuan Yuan Tan with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, which she received along with a SF Mayor's Art Award.

And April 9th was/is now Yuan Yuan Tan Day.  😉 

Lovely news -- Though if I were a ballet fan living in San Francisco, then I suppose every time I saw her dance would be Yuan Yuan Tan day for me!

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