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Which dancers were trained entirely at SAB?

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Someone asked an interesting question. Does anyone know if there are any current members (dancers) whose entire ballet lessons and background have been only within the SAB and are

known dancers in the NYCBallet Co.? Anyone know?

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As far as I know regarding Ansanelli, she was a school product, but there was always a good deal of outside coaching. Still, that's above and beyond the school itself, so I guess with her it depends on how one looks at it.

[i've also changed the title of the thread to make it clearer and merged a second thread on the subject with this one. Beeb - your posts are all still here ;) - apologies for confusing a newbie, I'm just trying to keep things clear and tidy.]

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I'm not quite sure what is ment by a school product.

The youngest you can be to join is 8 years old.

As far as I know there are few who were trained from that young but I think Rachel Rutherford, Pascale van Kipnis, Alexandra Ansanelli, and Carrie Lee, are the only ones currently that are true products of the school, oh and Jennie Somogyi.

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I'm pretty certain that Natanya's earlier training was at NJ School of Ballet, but I don't know when she got to SAB.

I'll be arbitrary here and say that if the dancer started in SAB by B level or age 12, they could be considered a school product, since they are learning most of their skills (pointe work, etc) at SAB. Feel free to argue with that, though.

Beeb, I've moved your post to its own thread, so people can find it. It's absolutely great that you're posting. Do take a moment to see how the site is structured - it makes it easier for people to answer your questions if they aren't buried in a thread on a completely different topic.

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I must add that when one considers the completely natural and unforced carriage and stance of women such as Carrie Riggins, Glenn Keenan, and Pascale van Kipnis, the SAB training from age 8 has left an indelible mark. Bravo to their teachers!

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Guest cutiepatootie1234

I was a student at sab for 5 years - those dancers in nycb now who were originally from sab are: alexandra ansanelli, ellen bar, jamie wolfe, glenn keenan, rachel rutherford, carrie lee riggins, peter boal... however i'm not too sure about pascale van kipnis nor eva natanya :wink:

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