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Does anyone have or know where I could get John Cranko's ballet "Eugene Onegin" on video. There is a video of it that I should have grabbed a few years ago that was for sale at Tower, but they no longer seem to carry it. I also checked Virgin Records, and they do not have it. It is a video with the National Ballet of Canada. If anyone could give me any information on how or where I may be able to purchase this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much...

Joseph :)

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i'm not sure this telecast w/ sabina alleman at tatiana was ever released commercially. if it was it would be as ONEGIN, as the ballet is not called 'eugene onegin'

but i have a hunch this tape may not have been available commercially. still someone here might have a copy and be willing to trade. keep looking. good luck.

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thanks for noting that this tape was released commercially, glebb, and now may i return the favor w/ a suggestion:

NEVER loan your own MASTER cassettes, if nec. shhhhh. make a copy and loan that, that way if the loan is lost, damaged, or otherwise goes missing no real harm done except to an extra cassette. i've learned this policy the hard way.

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Thanks rg!

I checked out the ebay site... If only I had a PAL system!

However, I wonder if possible, I could have it converted???

But would the quality go bad?? I had to convert some tapes from PAL to NCST and the quality was not so good. Maybe that is because they were home videos...?

Ok, well I will keep searching and asking around, I bookmarked the ebay site and will make a final decision I guess in about 7 days!

Thanks again, that is so nice of you to search for me...

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PAL conversions to NTSC do as a matter of course lose resolution quality, but as this seems a commerical copy to start with, i.e. pretty good quality, the conversion should be decent. this is a word videophiles throw around a lot and can mean many things to many people. ususally a video collector says the quality is good, or very good, or decent, or not so good, i.e. poor. so decent is the mid-range that many of us live w/ especially if the tape is a favorite work and otherwise hard, often impossible, to find elsewhere. (i am not putting ONEGIN in the impossible category however.) NYC has any number of places that will convert tapes but you need to check with the potential conversion opportunities in advance. some might balk at the thought of converting a commercial tape in fear of copyright laws. still as this tape is 'out of print' it might not be so hard to get a conversion done by a commercial place. otherwise there are any number of videophiles who have multi-system players, which can do conversions at home. i am unfortunately not so set up, however.

good luck.

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Well, I went to the library and found a copy!

Now, I just need to find someone who is willing to copy it for me... Otherwise I can renew it and do it when I get home. (I am on vacation right now)

Thanks for all your help, rg!!!

Joseph :)

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I found a record of Onegin from TV - production by ZDF, Germany, reg. David Sutherland. Unfortunately, 2-3 first minutes are absent so I do not know the cast and the year of the production. M.Haydee as Tatiana, but who are the others? An encyclopaedia mentions a film of 1966 that is shot soon after the premiere, with the same cast. But I am not sure if I have that one. Can anybody help? Thank you.

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is this the information sought? (pardon the duplication if this has been answered already.)

Onegin [videorecording] / ZDF [Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen] ; directed by David Sutherland ; choreography by John Cranko ; music by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Kurt-Heinz Stolze ; libretto by John Cranko after Aleksandr Pushkin.

Germany : ZDF, [1976?]

(88 min.) : sd., col.Danced by the Ballett der Württembergische Staatstheater, Stuttgart [stuttgart Ballet]: Heinz Clauss (Eugene Onegin), Marcia Haydée (Tatiana), Joyce Cuoco (Olga), Egon Madsen (Lensky), Jan Stripling (Prince Gremin), and others.

Music played by the Württembergische Staatstheaterorchester, conducted by Stewart Kershaw.

Scenery and costumes, Jürgen Rose.

Recorded in the Sporthalle Böblingen, Germany.

Television adaptation of a ballet originally presented onstage in 1965.

In German.

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the question mark on the date is the way the tape is listed in the new york public library for the performing arts. my assumption is that the tape was given to the library without full dating so the date given in its listing refers to the year the tape was first put in the collection. i assume the tape itself doesn't have a date on it so the library can't say for sure.

i hope this makes some sense.

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