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Ballet de Bordeaux, 2003-2004 season

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Here is the program of the 2003-2004 of the Ballet de Bordeaux:

- a triple bill (Nov. 15- 21) including a work by Béjart (to be announced), Carolyn Carlson's "Hydrogen Jukebox" (has someone heard about it?) and Thierry Malandain's "Sextet" (I saw it a few years ago performed by Malandain's own company in Paris and it was an interesting abstract work on Steve Reich's score)

-"Casse-Noisette" (The Nutcracker- Charles Jude's production) between Dec 12 and 31

-"Giselle" (Charles Jude's production after Perrot and Coralli) between Feb 28 and Mar 8

- a Balanchine quadruple bill with "Serenade", "The Four Temperaments", "Sonatine" and "Who Cares?" between June 15 and 20.

By the way, the Ballet de Bordeaux will soon be performing in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet, with a "Picasso" mixed bill including Massine's "Parade" and "Le Tricorne", Lifar's "Icare" and some flamenco by Cristina Hoyos.

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By the way, I'm green with envy when looking at the prices of ballet tickets in Bordeaux: the top price for all the performances except those of "The Nutcracker" is... 30 euros (a bit more than 30 US $), for Nutcracker it's 38 euros. And people under 25, students under 30 and unemployed people can get half-price tickets for all the performances, and all the programs (except perhaps the Béjart- Carlson- Malandain one) are with a live orchestra (the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine), and the Grand-Théâtre is one of the most beautiful theaters I've ever seen... Not to mention the number of good, unexpensive restaurants in the neighborhood of the theater. ;)

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Well, who knows, perhaps they will tour with it? Else Bordeaux is only 3 hours away from Paris by train... ;)

By the way, I realize that not many company perform "Giselle" in France. The Ballet de Marseille had danced it a few seasons ago, with a new production by Eric Quilleré, but it wasn't very successful (I had seen it, and I think that one big problem was the costumes, for example in the first act not two people had costumes with the same color, and also there were some changes- for example Giselle had no mother but a father- which were unnecessary). The Ballet de Nancy et de Lorraine used to perform it under Lacotte's direction, but now it's out of their repertory. So I think that outside Paris there's only Bordeaux (and perhaps Toulouse? But I'm not sure.)

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Ok, lets see...

Chopiniana (they called it Les Sylphides of course)

Afternoon of a Faun

Le Spectre De La Rose


Yep that was the program. I remember Petrushka had gorgeous sets and costumes and the corps of Sylphides was extremely well together and in sync with each other.

Joseph :)

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A belated note to say that I went to Bordeaux to attend a performance of the last series of the season, on June 20, and was quite happy of my trip :)

It was a well-balanced Balanchine program, showing different sides of his talent: one Tchaikovsky tutu ballet ("Serenade"), one pas de deux on French piano music ("Sonatine"), one Broadway-style ballet ("Who Cares") and one black-and-white leotard ballet ("The Four Temperaments"), all of them staged by John Clifford and performed very well. I'm not very familiar with the company, and it was hard to single out some dancers, but I especially appreciated the musicality of Emmanuelle Grizot in "Sonatine" (she also performed brilliantly in "Who Cares" and as the Choleric in "The Four Temperaments") and, while the guest principal Igor Yebra was perhaps a little bit too "showy" in "Sonatine", he was just perfect in "Who Cares" (plus he's really, really good-looking :) ). I also liked Yeruult Rinchindorj and Magdalena Lonska in the "Sanguinic" part, and Charles Jude still looked wonderful as the Phlegmatic (when I saw him, it made me think once again of that enthusiastic review by Sylvie de Nussac, about a decade ago, in which she was wondering if he had sold his soul to the devil to still look to young... His face has aged a little bit since then, but his silhouette hasn't changed much, and he really has wonderfully expressive hands.) The theater (the salle Antoine Vitez of the Conservatoire, and not, unfortunately, the lovely Grand-Théâtre) was full and extremely enthusiastic- now I wish they would tour with such a program, especially as next season there will be very little Balanchine to be seen on the French stages...

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I read your comments with great interests as Ballet de Bordeaux has been one of the companies I've marked as the "one to see". Maybe next season I'll have a chance to bypass Paris and go straight to Bordeaux! :)

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