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5th & 6th week casting

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This just in:



Nine Performances of Don Quixote and Seven Performances of Romeo and Juliet to Include Debuts by Xiomara Reyes as Kitri and Diana Vishneva as Juliet

Casting for the fifth and sixth week of American Ballet Theatre’s 2003 Spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House was announced today by Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie.

Don Quixote, staged by Kevin McKenzie and Susan Jones, will be given its first performance of the season on Monday evening, June 2 with Paloma Herrera and Jose Manuel Carreño in the leading roles. On Wednesday evening, June 4, Xiomara Reyes will debut in the role of Kitri opposite Angel Corella as Basil. Other debuts in the ballet include Veronika Part as Queen of the Driads on Monday evening, June 2, Monique Meunier as Mercedes on the matinee of Wednesday, June 4 and Sascha Radetsky as Espada on Wednesday evening, June 4.

Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet continues for seven performances June 6-11. On Wednesday evening, June 11, guest artist Diana Vishneva will make her Company debut in the role of Juliet opposite Vladimir Malakhov as Romeo. Ms. Vishneva, a principal dancer with the Kirov Ballet, is appearing with ABT as part of an exchange program with the Kirov Ballet.

Tickets for American Ballet Theatre’s 2003 Spring season are on sale at the Metropolitan Opera House box office or by calling 212-362-6000. For more information, visit ABT’s website at www.abt.org

A complete cast listing follows.

Casting is subject to change.


Mon. Eve., June 2, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Herrera, Carreño, S. Brown, Gomes

Tues. Eve., June 3, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Murphy, Stiefel, C. Corella, Molina

Wed. Mat., June 4, 2 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Dvorovenko, Belotserkovsky, Meunier*, Saveliev*

Wed. Eve., June 4, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Reyes*, Corella, S Brown, Radetsky*

Thurs. Eve., June 5, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Ananiashvili, Gomes, C. Corella, Molina

Fri. Eve., June 6, 8 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Kent, Malakhov, H. Cornejo

Sat. Mat., June 7, 2 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Tuttle, Corella, Salstein**

Sat. Eve., June 7, 8 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Herrera, Gomes, Lopez


Mon. Eve., June 9, 8 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - McKerrow, Stiefel, Salstein

Tues. Eve., June 10, 8 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Dvorovenko**, Belotserkovsky**, De Luz

Wed. Mat., June 11, 2 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Reyes**, Corella, H. Cornejo

Wed. Eve., June 11, 8 P.M. ROMEO AND JULIET - Vishneva+, Malakhov, De Luz

Thurs. Eve., June 12, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE -Herrera, Carreño

Fri. Eve., June 13, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Dvorovenko, Belotserkovsky

Sat. Mat., June 14, 2 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Reyes, Corella

Sat. Eve., June 14, 8 P.M. DON QUIXOTE - Murphy, Stiefel


*Editors please note: first time in a role:

Wed Mat., June 4 - Meunier(Mercedes) and Saveliev(Espada) in

Don Quixote

Wed. Eve., June 4 - Reyes(Kitri) and Radetsky(Espada) in Don Quixote

**Editors please note: first time in a role in New York:

Sat. Mat., June 7 - Salstein(Mercutio) in Romeo and Juliet

Tues. Eve., June 10 - Dvorovenko and Belotserkovsky in Romeo and Juliet

Wed. Mat., June 11 - Reyes in Romeo and Juliet

+Editors please note: first time in a role with ABT:

Wed. Eve., June 11 - Vishneva in Romeo and Juliet

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

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Just a heads-up, a source told me that on Tuesday, Murphy and Stiefel should bring out all the stops technically (in the pas de deux, she does, single, triple, single, triple etc...fouettes). And Wiles is cast as Queen of the Dryads.

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