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Problem with ABT's website

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I have been unable to find a central page with casting info. Special mention of that feature was made in the Stagebill article about the site. (Anyone here have better luck?) When I tried to advise ABT of this through the "Contact Us" link, I received a notice in my mailbox that my message was undeliverable. (It's probably linked to the old url, or something.) I have since tried to alert them to the "Contact Us" failure by phone (how 20th Century!).

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Yes, thank you, Treefrog. I know that info is displayed if I want a particular date, but I got the idea that they had it laid out in a manner not unlike that of the NYCB site, making it possible to compare multiple dates at a glance.

Also, by clicking on the photo of any particular dancer (in the "Dancers" section), that person's principal (only) roles and dates are displayed.

edited to correct "Leap Before You Look" syndrome. ;)

Found everything by clicking "Calendar."

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