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hi. i don't usually follow this forum, so forgive me if i am duplicating something already here, but i received some information about copyright and thought it might be of interest to someone:

an initial query was posted here:


- along the following lines:

"Swarthmore College is an undergraduate institution with approximately 1400 students. We have a Dance Department that offers a dance major and a library collection to support undergraduate research. Our dance collection has a large video collection, 50% of which is college sponsored and produced performances, 50% of which is commercially purchased VHS/DVD.

I am looking for similar undergraduate institutions who share the same concerns for their video collection, ie. preservation and copyright. Do any of you have collection/video development policies that address preservation and copyright needs?"

responses were/are posted, below the query, and then the following websites were recommended, for people seeking similar information:

Association of Moving Image Archivists


Dance Heritage Coalition


Music Library Association


hope this is of interest to someone. :)

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