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CPYB alumni

Guest alliecat93

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Guest alliecat93

I am trying to gather info about CPYB alumni who are currently dancing professionally. I read everyone's biography on the NYCB website and I've come up with Abi Stafford, Adam Hendrickson, Ashley Bouder, Deanna McBrearty, and Jonathon Stafford. Did I miss anyone from NYCB?

I would really appreciate it if you would give me all the names (that you know of) of their alumni. Thanks so much for helping me!

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Alliecat: Other CPYB alumni currently dancing:

PNB - Carrie Imler, Noelani Pantastico, Kara Zimmerman

San Francisco - Zach Hench, Vanessa Zahorian, Kristin Long, Tina LeBlanc, Sherri LeBlanc

Miami - Bruce Thornton, Callie Manning

ABT - Adrienne Schulte, Grant DeLong (studio co.)

Boston - Tara Hench

Louisville - Lara Bricker

Sacramento - Janine Maher, Melanie ?? (can't think of her last name)

NCDTII - Vicki Gates

PA Ballet - Michael Patterson (did one year plus lots of summers at CPYB)

Several others have been hired this year as apprentices and trainees.

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I think I can be of some help here:

It's Melanie Haller with Sacramento.

I believe that Allen Peiffer is in City Ballet now.

Last I heard Shannon Castner was with Corpus Christie(sp?)

I think Jamie Rae Walker left Miami for Paul Taylor but I may be wrong.

Starr Book is Dancing somewhere too now, but i'm not sure where.

If I think of any others, I'll let you know.

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Mishic Corn is a soloist at Cincinnati Ballet

Ryan Kelly recently left NYCB

Tracy Julias was with Joffrey

Is Starr Book at Lexington Ballet? Along with the next two names, she was in a ballet I made for Choreoplan in '99

Barclay Pease is or was at Ballet BC.

Has Emmy Hendrickson (Adam's sister) left SAB?

And a favorite of mine (I like them all, but Maggie was from a ballet I did in '01), Magrielle Eisen will be going to Oregon Ballet Theatre, I believe.

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And Deborah Wingert, Katrina Killian, the LeBlanc sisters, etc. . .

What a nice opportunity for Lia! My gosh, has she even finished high school yet, though? I thought when she worked with me she was 14. (And now that you have 31 messages, ITM, feel free to PM me if we do more "chat")

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Emmy Hendrickson has sadly left SAB and quit dancing all together. Her sister Jessy has left the company but still takes classes at SAB.

I'm so excited for Maggie (Magrielle) as well. She's an absolutely gorgeous dancer, a thrill to partner, and deserving of a company contract more so than almost anyone I know of.

Starr Book has been with Lexington Ballet for a while now as well. A girl named Danielle Obert (is that her last name) who was at CPYB for a year or two and many summers is also at Lexington Ballet.

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Just FYI, Darla Hoover is the Director of the Graded Ballet program at Ballet Academy East in NYC and Jessy (Jessie) Hendrikson has been teaching there lately and acting as a rehearsal coach in Darla's absence for a Balanchine piece that will be performed at BAE's Spring Performances at the end of this month. :)

P.S. Ashley Maher, the second of the three ballet Maher sisters, was with Miami City Ballet and is now pursuing another dance venue.

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Guest alliecat93

Just a note of thanks to all of the people who have helped me since last time I said thank you! :) I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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Add Jennifer Miller --Milwalkee Ballet, soloist

Jennifer Provins--Tulsa Ballet now , I believe

Tara Hench--Boston Ballet, Principal

Ethan Steiffle, ABT, Principal to the list.

Erica Gwinell--Sarasota Ballet

Kathleen Combs-Washington Ballet

Take a walk down the hallway at CPYB's new studios and look at all of the pictures on the wall. Quite impressive for a small studio ( at least used to be small) in Central Pennsylvania.

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This list is quite illustrious. Yet I must question, as I recognize names on the list who have spent perhaps time at CPYB yes, but they did not complete a course of study. Maybe a year as an already well trained dancer, as in the case of Kathleen Breen Combes, or else as a very young child, they received their very fine early training at CPYB, as in Ethan Stieffel, Vanessa Zahorian, the Hench 's and the LeBlanc's ( all of them, maybe 3 sisters?). Having known these children since they were very young I would have to say they certainly received beneficial training from CPYB, without a doubt, but it also should be noted that there are many fine schools involved in the development of many who either got their start at CPYB or went there by choice of course, before entering a company, but after high school. CPYB is a very fine program and Marcia Dale Weary is a highly respected teacher, but as with most schools in the US, many various teacher and schools participate in the training of our dancers. It is rare that just one school or teacher has created these wonderkins!

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You are right, of course. If the question had been which dancers studied solely at CPYB and went directly into a company from there without attending a school attached to a company first, the answers would have been very different. None-the-less, the CPYB training did benefit each of those on the list for some length of time. I am sure that each of the dancers would also credit great teachers in summer programs and other year round programs that they attended with also having a major influence on their dancing.

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Just a note... I recieved my training from Marcia and the rest of the wonderful faculty and I can honestly say I would not be a professional dancer if I did not attend CPYB. Keep in mind that I only trained there for 5 years- That being my only training. Maybe there is something in the water...I believe it's the school though.

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There will always be much controversy surrounding CPYB, i.e. how much is too much, etc. However, I believe most alumni would point to the school and faculty, particularly Marcia, and credit them with the success they have had. It's certainly not for everyone, but my daughter feels the same as ballerina idol. The proof is on the wall of the warehouse.

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