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Next season's roster -- who's not coming back

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This just in, a BB press release:

Boston Ballet Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen has announced the list of dancers not returning to Boston Ballet next season. A complete 2003-2004 Company roster will be announced in August.

Principal Dancers

Simon Ball

April Ball

Paul Thrussell


Tara Hench

corps de ballet

Li-Yin Chen

Brooke Kiser

Karla Kovatch

Frances Perez-Ball

Sylvain Gillet

Ilya Kozadayev

Nick Mishoe

Christine Kelliher

Emi Hariyama

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I've deleted two posts giving who has resigned, who has joined what company, etc. PLEASE READ OUR GOSSIP RULES. If it is not in print or in a press release, it is gossip.

Often what we hear is inaccurate. Publishing it on the internet, here or anywhere, can do harm if a contract isn't signed. Also, both dancers and companies deserve the right to break news on their own schedule.

Here's the link to our Gossip Rules

I think we're going to have to wait for answers on this one until the fall season, when companies release their rosters.

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Thanks, monkeedance -- I know your intentions were honorable (I sent you an email after I deleted the posts.) But we've had so many posts on the order of "I just heard he went here" that it's been a real problem for us, and without sourcing the info, someone else would have read those posts and thought, "Cool! I know where all the dancers in my company went, too!" Unfortunately, our rules have developed through sad experience :unsure:

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