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SAB workshop

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We have a mystery -- there was a thread on the upcoming SAB workshop that had several responses, and it disappeared sometime yesterday evening. It was not a problem thread, and it was not deliberately deleted -- nor even accidentally deleted by someone trying to edit a post, or move or split a thread, etc. We don't know what happened.

I'm putting up this first, to allay fears that someone had made an imprper post -- no! no problems -- and secondly to try to restart the discussion.

I forget who started the thread -- I think it was Dale -- but if someone could repost the program, we could start discussing it again.

Thank you!

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I hadn't posted on the missing thread but I have copied some info from the SAB web page. (see ya there - t)

2003 Workshop Performances at the Juilliard Theater, Lincoln Center:

Saturday, May 31 at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm & 2003

Workshop Performance and Benefit:

Monday, June 2 at 7:00 pm

The program will include:

CHOPINIANA (Chopin/Fokine)

SWAN LAKE (Pas de Deux from Act II)

(Tschaikovsky/Balanchine after Ivanov)

THE FLOWER FESTIVAL AT GENZANO (Pas de Deux) (Helsted/Bournonville)

NAPOLI (Ballabile from Act I)


THE SLEEPING BEAUTY (Aurora's Wedding)

(Tschaikovsky/Martins after Petipa)

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I think it was Terry who originally posted the thread. Then Alexandra wrote to say it looked as if SAB was going back to their roots. Cargill write that SAB indeed was going back their roots and Balanchine the next year. Oh, and that Chopiana was going to be performed in the short white skirts as had been done when Danilova first staged it in the 70's. I said that I had been hoping to see that ballet brought back and that the whole program should be very good for the dancers' technique and very cleansing. I made a mention of needing more "Balanchine Godess-type ballerinas" and that this program should reveal one or two. Somebody asked what I meant and I explained.

After that I don't know what happened to the post. But that brings us up to date a little bit :)

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there is probably a new topic about this somewhere, but i couldn't find it, so i'm sorry if there is. i do so like reading people's reviews to things i've actually seen for once, what are people's thoughts regarding the SAB workshop performances this weekend?

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Shouldn't the workshop comments go elsewhere, as, technically, SAB is not the official school of NYCB (right?)? I think we should keep SAB from being completely under the rubric of NYCB when we talk about the workshops... Just my opinion.


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SAB is the official school of the New York City Ballet

This is taken directly off their home page web site


The School of American Ballet, the official school of the New York City Ballet, is thriving in its spacious home in The Samuel B. & David Rose Building at Lincoln Center with an enrollment of over 350 aspiring dancers from nearly every state in the nation and around the world.

This is taken directly off of the NYCB page.


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It's a valid question, Amanda. I don't think there's any sinister intent in putting the Workshop's performances in the NYCB forum. My feeling on the matter is that we have in fact given the workshop its own thread before we had the NYCB discussion forum. Still, we'd discuss the POB school performances (for instance) in the POB forum, and it also makes the discussion easier to find in the future.

Alexandra's free to overrule me, but I think for reasons of consistency and retrieval, the SAB Workshop discussion should remain in this forum.

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