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La petite danseuse de Degas

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I'm a new french member here! I live in Paris, and already know some of you from other ballet boards!

I went to see the new produciton of POB last sunday: la petite danseuse de Degas.

I liked the ballet, except that it's somtimes quite a mess: dancers everywhere, and it's difficult to see everything. The costumes are wonderful, the dancers very good (as most of times at POB).

BUT, the music was terrible: I talked to some dancers after the performance and they told me it's difficult to dance with such a music, they have to find their inner rythm! A non-dancing etoile even told me that I should come with my own music, for example Tchaikovski, and hear it during the performance I even wouldn't notice it's not adapted to the choreography!!

I'm usually very please with POB performances but was a little disappointed by this one!

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Welcome, Camille! Thanks for posting -- and I hope you'll report on other performances you see, and take part in our discussions.

Has anyone else seen this one? We're having a few Degas ballets here, too, because of a recent exhibit of the paintings that's been traveling around.

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Thanks Alexandra!

I'll try to write a longer report about this ballet, as well as about the other ones I've seen recently (POB school performance, Balanchine Jewels, Paquita). I'm also going to see the young dancers program in May, so i'll of course share my comments!

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