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Jean Estoril's Drina Books

Guest alpusachni

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Guest alpusachni

I know these are more of a juvenile book, but I grew up reading these, however I never did get to own or read all of them. I am trying to add to and finish my collection. I had about 5 of the books from childhood and have ordered a few more.Does anyone know the exaxt number of or titles of the books?

so far I have: Drinas dancing year

Drina dances Alone

Drina Dances on Stage

Drina Dances Again

Ballet for Drina

Drina Dances in Switzerland

Drina Dances in Exile

Drina Dances in Italy

Drina Dances in Paris

Drina Dances in New York


Drina Dances on Tour

are there any more that I am missing???

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