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there is not much footage of sibley in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY around.

she can be seen doing the grand pas de deux from act 3 on a series hosted by peter schaufuss called DANCER, but that series is available to the best of my knowledge only on off-the-air copies.

commercially, sibley can be see as princess florine in the blue bird pas de deux on the following tape:

An evening with the Royal Ballet c1963.

Danced by the Royal Ballet.

Music performed by the Orchestra of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, conducted by John Lanchbery.

Le corsair [pas de deux] / film directed by Anthony Havelock-Allan ; choreography, Rudolf Nureyev ; music, Riccardo Drigo ; danced by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.

La valse / choreography, Frederick Ashton ; music, Maurice Ravel ; danced by the Royal Ballet.

Aurora's wedding (Act III of The sleeping beauty) / film directed by Anthony Asquith ; choreography, Nikolai Sergeev after Marius Petipa ; music, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky ; sets and costumes, Oliver Messel ; cast: Fonteyn (Princess Aurora) and David Blair (Florimund); Graham Usher, Merle Park, Georgina Parkinson (Prince Florestan & his sisters); Antoinette Sibley, Brian Shaw (Bluebirds); Douglas Steuart (Puss-in-Boots) & Virginia Wakelyn (White cat); Ann Howard (Red Riding Hood) & Ronald Plaisted (Wolf); Alexander Grant, Keith Milland, Lawrence Ruffell (Three Ivans); Leslie Edwards (Cattalabutte); Ray Powell (Carabosse); Deanne Bergsma (Lilac fairy); Derek Rencher & Gerd Larsen (King Florestan & his queen).

Les sylphides / film directed by Anthony Asquith ; choreography, Serge Grigoriev and Lubov Tchernicheva after Mikhail Fokin ; music, Chopin, arr. by Ray Douglas ; danced by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, with Merle Park (valse), Annette Page (mazurka), and members of the Royal Ballet.

Filmed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 1963, under the supervision of Frederick Ashton, assisted by John Hart

as to additional videos of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, i have a list of what was extant in 1998 for my book BALLET 101, pp. 570 - 573.

other ballet-alert readers here will likely have their own recommendations.

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Hi ballerina idol! I'm no expert on videos, but I know there is a version with the Paris Opera Ballet from 1999, but that might not be helpful, as it won't be the same choreography (I suppose that it's easier if it's the same, even if you don't necessarily want to watch the technique), since it is by Nureyev. You might also have problems watching it, but they have it on DVD too. However, if you still want to see it as a leisure, it is with Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris in the main parts, Benjamin Pech and Delphine Moussin in the blue-bird pas-de-deux, Marie-Agnès Gillot as one of the main fairies, along with Hénault, Hallé, Baey, Hurel, Pujol, Kudo as the others, and Nathalie Aubin as "the wicked fairy" (I don't know what she's called in English) and Béatrice Martel as the Lilac fairy, Marie-Agnès-Gillot and Jean-Guillaume Bart in the Precious stones pas-de-cinq with Baey, Hallé and Rousselière.

There's also the same one but with the Canadian Ballet, but I don't know if it's available commercially.

And many other versions, but I can't think of them right now.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, ballerina idol!

The BBC televised a Royal Ballet SB with Sibley as Aurora some time in the 1960s or early 70s, but at some point it erased the tape ( :eek: ). There may be some, er, "unofficial" copies in private hands, but nothing commercially available beyond what rg has listed.

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wonders never cease: ari, this bbc tape w/ sibley was a complete BEAUTY? opposite dowell i assume? this was still the messel production?

i knew CINDERELLA was done then but didn't realize that BEAUTY was too.

must have been late 60s? she was first cast in the so-called plantaganet production = wright/bardon/de nobili but that was in '68. could it have beenit telecast that same year? i know there are excerpts that have surfaced of the prince's solo and of the awakening pas de deux.

i wonder if the full telecast is around anywhere?

i just heard from someone looking for a record of the production, and he's in london and he'd not heard of this telecast at all.

as i say: wonders never cease...

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rg, my information on the Sibley SB comes from an interview with Sibley that dates from the early 1980s. She talks about wanting her children to be able to see how she danced, and mentions this telecast as one performance of hers that she was particularly happy with. She was very upset to learn that the tape had been erased.

That's all I know about it. The interview may have been in Dance News, but I'm not sure.

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The RB's Sleeping Beauty, in the Peter Wright production was

shown in full on BBC television, on Jan 26th 1969 - i.e.the month after

the premiere. There is a short review in the Dancing Times of March 1969, and a

much longer one by Peter Williams in Dance & Dancers of the same month.

It was introduced by Christopher Gable, very well apparently - among other

things he explained that 'the goat in the Prologue was for the Royal milk, and

the reason for the last act being in a tent was because the castle lay in


The cast was led by Sibley and Dowell, and Deanne Bergsma was the Lilac Fairy.

Peter Williams thought it looked much better on TV as it was much more

brightly lit than for a normal performance. He liked Sibley but raved over


I've never heard of anyone who has a tape of the full production. Ironically,

Williams ends his first paragraph thus: 'The important thing is that the

ballets [sB and Nutcracker] were done, recorded for all time, and can be held in

cold storage against the time when (in the not too different future) all

channels are in colour.' Ha.

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