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Sylvie Guillem


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Hi dancedevil! I saw the same since this is a franco-german (or germano-french for you maybe ;) ) chanel. I'll talk more about the film, since a lot has been said about her in the past (I'm not saying it's not interesting and I'm not saying this question shouldn't be asked, but a change could not harm any one, and I prefer to talk about the film rather than her).

There was one thing that I found strange, it's that in Don Quichotte, she didn't do the "normal" Nureyev variation in the third act, she did a different one with some grand-jetés and some échappés where we normally do relevés. I wonder what Nureyev would have said, because apparently, he always insisted a lot that the choreography should not be changed the slightest bit, so imagine about doing a totally different variation! Maybe he would have found it OK, since anyway none of it was his, so she didn't really change his choreography, in the sense that she didn't change the steps of his variation, but she still changed it since she did a different one altogether!

Otherwise, well, she has a great technique and wonderful feet, but everyone knows that already, and I don't think there's a real need to discuss it. I liked it when she was with Laurent Hilaire (I absolutely adore him, but he doesn't dance so much now, which makes me so sad, because I haven't seen him dance a lot, especially live, so everything I can see of him makes me happy!), and they seemed to have some good laughs. It was also quite interesting watchingher rehearse Giselle with the Finnish ballet, but I didn't find it very good. I mean I didn't like the dancer who did Giselle, and when they showed Guillem doing Giselle, I didn't find it too good either. She was much better in Don Quichotte.

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Hi su-lian! super, that someone here has seen it. I found it very interesting to see her rehearse and to take a little look behind the scenes. That's something you don't see very often. There are only a few films in German TV about dancers or ballets. I like her technique, her strength, her feet - as you mentioned. I think Don Quichotte is a much better role for her temperament and her style than Giselle is. But I wondered how she felt teaching Giselle to the other dancers. I like people who do something new, something different and I think that most people will not know that she does some steps in another way. So did I. Whom do you like best as female dancer?

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Hi dancedevil! It's nice to see what someone else thought! I don't really have a favourite female dancer (nor a male one)! There are some I like very very much, and others very much, and I generally like most dancers (at least, the ones in Paris! but also some others, but the problem is, I don't really know so many others, the Paris Opera is the only one I have seen in real, and, although I often see documentaries or filmed ballets on TV, it's not the same). For example, I like Elisabeth Platel very much for her style, although sometimes she is a bit cold; I like Guillem for her technique of course, but not always for her interpretations and style. I could go on for a long time like this, but I don't think this is the sort of thing people want to read, so I'll stop here even though I have left out some that I really like a lot!

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dancedevil, I'm a bit surprised about the cast you mention. As far as I know, the "Sleeping Beauty" that was filmed at the Paris Opera was with Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris, but not with Elisabeth Platel nor Laurent Hilaire. On the other hand, Platel and Hilaire both were filmed in "La Bayadère", with also Isabelle Guérin... :confused:

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