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so far as i can recall:

nureyev's paris productions of LA BAYADERE, and ROMEO AND JULIET are available on PAL video & DVD i think. perhaps also his SLEEPING BEAUTY.

others will perhaps have better memories and/or records to call on.

Japanese television has shown LE PARC and a bill with: L'ARLESIENNE, SOIR DE FETE, & SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE.

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Most recently, two more DVD's of the POB were released: Nureyev's "Don Quixote" (Dupont/Legris) and the school performance of "Coppelia" (with Lacotte in the role of Coppelius).

There also used to be a tape/Laserdisc of Bourmeister's "Swan Lake" with Pietragalla and Dupond, although I haven't seen it on DVD yet.

As rg mentioned there are (at least out here in Europe) DVDs of Nureyev's versions of "Romeo and Juliet" (Loudières/Legris), "La Bayadère" (Guérin/Hilaire/Platel), "The Sleeping Beauty" (Dupont/Legris). "The Nutcracker" (Maurin/Hilaire) is yet only on VHS.

Haven't seen the "Cinderella" (Guillem) nor the "Paris Dances Diaghilev" and Petit's "Notre-Dame de Paris" in any recent releases.

All in all not so bad for a choice :)

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Yes, there is on video quite a bit of Nureyev:

-Cinderella with Guillem, Jude, Nureyev, Loudières, Guérin and others (the date is 1989 I think, or not too far from it),

-Romeo and Juliet with Loudières, Legris, Delanoe, Romoli, Averty and others (1995) and it is on DVD,

-La Bayadère with Guérin, Platel, Hilaire, Delanoe and others (1994,+DVD),

-Don Quichotte with Dupont, Legris, Gillot, Bart, Moussin, Osta(2002, +DVD),

-Sleeping Beauty with Dupont, Legris, Gillot, Bart, Pech, Moussin (1999, +DVD),

-Nutcracker with Hilaire, Maurin (1988/1989),

but no Raymonda or Swan Lake by him.

-Swan Lake by Bourmeister with Pietragalla and Dupond also exists, I think, around 1994, but I'm not sure

-the one with Soir de fête and L'Arlésienne is from 1997.

-Paris dances Diaghilev is not that recent, maybe 1992, I really don't know

-Le Parc has been filmed with Hilaire and Guérin in 1999 and got the Grand Prix International de Vidéo Danse, but I don't know if it is sold to the public

-I think Hurlevent has also been filmed last year, but I don't think it's for sale for the moment

-Clavigo has been filmed with Leriche, Osta, Bridard, Gillot in 1999, but once again, I don't think it's available

-Air by Teshigawara and Appartement by Ek has been filmed this year, it's not for sale (probably in a few years)

-I haven't heard of Notre-Dame-de Paris or Symphonie Fantastique on video

-Last year's Spectacle de L'Ecole de Danse (Coppélia) has been filmed and is on video and DVD

That' all I know about and remember for the moment.


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i suspect the ROMEO & JULIET, BAYADERE and other recently released videos are mostly (or ONLY) available in PAL format for Europe, so our amazon would not likely carry these.

have you tried dancebooks in england? if you are able to watch PAL dvds (or videos) you might find these titles at dancebooks: www.dancebooks.co.uk

each site is different but i should think typing in the title: i.e. ROMEO AND JULIET and limiting your search to videos or dvds should let you know if the site has this tape. etc.

hope this helps.

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alas no, where video/dvd recording is concerned a movie is a format. and you special equipment to play and view these different forms. the US and other places has NTSC vhs, europe has, among other formatS! PAL, it's different and needs a different tv even, i think. so the short of this is, if you don't know what it is, you don't have the capability and thus should not buy anything but NTSC vhs or dvd.

which in the case of paris opera video recordings is limited.


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I've just been to the opera, and they don't have anything else that I haven't mentionned, except documentaries with extracts of ballets, rehearsals...but that wouldn't be interesting if you can't understand them (that's why I didn't mention them earlier. However, if you are still interested, I could give you the details).

Good luck sorting out these format problems!


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regarding vcr's here and abroad. it seems a rule of thumb that MOST european systems are so-called 'multi-system' decks and can play a variety of videos, partly i suppose because there are a number of formats at work throughout europe.

however, MOST u.s. vhs vcr's are simply NTSC ones, w/ no options for playing anything else. so if you had a multi-system deck you'd most likely already know all about PAL NTSC etc.

as the original post(s) here indicate no awareness of such variations on the theme of a vcr. i'm afraid it's fair to say that you are not equipped to play PAL etc. tapes.

dvd's are a slightly different problem but many u.s. dvd players only play our zone - 1 - discs and not other zones, like zone 2 for much of western europe.

readers of this site w/ far more expertise than i have will be able to explain the nuts & bolts of these different systems, but the bottom line is likely that unless you invest in new multi-system equipment there's no point in acquiring any tapes or discs that are not specifically listed as NTSC.

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Originally posted by rg

but the bottom line is likely that unless you invest in new multi-system equipment there's no point in acquiring any tapes or discs that are not specifically listed as NTSC.

That sums it up pretty well, I guess.

Far from being an expert either, I can add this. There is no problem as long as you stay in your own country, and that goes for TV, VHS-VCR and DVD-player. The cheapest machines can usually only play the color standard which is in use in your country. For a list check out:


In Europe the situation is now slightly more open, in the sense that most new TVs and VCR's play PAL as well as a PAL-version of NTSC. So yes, Colwill you can "play" NTSC videos on your system, but you still cannot "record" NTSC. For that you need a complete, expensive multi-standard machine. Anything can be converted from one standard to the other, but just remember that conversion from NTSC to PAL means a more serious loss of picture quality than the other way around.

Some background reading (hope it doesn't refrain anyone from beginning a video or dvd collection, though :)): http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Contrib/WorldTV/why.html

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I asked my mom and dad just to make sure on our DVD player and VCR and my mom said when she was researching DVD players to buy a new one, none of them played any other formats. She said those that do cost like $2500. So basically, as we have concluded, my movie choice remains limited.

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