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Svetlana Lunkina

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You'd know better than I about the Giselle video's availability. :)

Let me take a moment, since you have addressed me personally, Marc, to praise you on your beautiful photos of Lunkina.

She is such a lovely young woman, whether in costume or "civilian" clothes and you have captured her youthful beauty so perfectly in your images of her. She is a very sweet person, still vulnerable (she gets quite upset when her performances don't go well, according to her standards) and kind to all.

I hope she never develops the unattractive "edge" that a few older Bolshoi ballerinas have which makes them behave as though they are above all others.

Lunkina's innate personality lends itself so well to roles like Spectre and La Sylphide, but her dramatic flair emerges when she dances Kitri, Giselle, and Odile.

I am eager to see her develop during the next decade!

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Oh, Lunkina does travel as a guest artist, so you may see her before too long!

Too bad you missed her last year when she danced at Lincoln Center's State Theater with Dmitri Gudanov in the Stars of the 21st Century Ballet Gala in February. They also danced together in Toronto (April 28th last year) at the same gala (some different dancers) here.

This year's gala will be May 4th at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, but Dmitri is dancing with another partner this time (Nina Kaptzova, I believe).

As for my opinion of Lunkina's feet: they are well arched when she dances, beautifully shaped, long, articulate, soft and expressive.

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Is Svetlana Lunkina dancing again? I saw her in the Bolshoi's 2000 tour to South Africa and have since been following her progress via reviews and photos on the net. The last info I can find is that she went on maternity leave in May 2003. Does anyone know anything more recent?

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Press release from NBOC

June 8, 2014 Karen Kain, Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada, today announced that the 2014/15 roster will include three new Principal Dancers. McGee Maddox has been promoted to Principal Dancer and Svetlana Lunkina and Evan McKie will be joining the company as Principal Dancers.

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I think it's been clear for some time that Lunkina would not be returning to the Bolshoi. Makhar Vaziev doesn't seem interested in many of the dancers on the company's roster, let alone the "formers." However, both Canada and Russia allow for dual citizenship. Traveling the world on a Canadian passport is certainly easier, but Lunkina can still use her Russian passport to travel to countries Canadians need visas to visit, such as Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam and, of course, Russia.

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