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new dancers 2003-2004

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I deleted a post on this thread because it contained speculation -- a report on dancers joining, although the news has not been released.

This is a note to everyone: I know that who is leaving and who is joining is a matter of intense interest, and such speculation is totally natural, but what's okay to do over the phone or in intermisison lobbies can have different repercussions when it's talked about publicly -- and this is as public as it gets! Speculating about whether dancers are leaving or joining a company is a violation of their privacy and can do harm. There is at least one past instance when someone posted (not here!) that the dancer was leaving Company A to go to Company D. The contract for Company D fell through, and the dancer lost his/her job at Company A. I know no one wants that to happen.

Here's the link to our full No Gossip Rule. (And for newcomers, or anyone who hasn't read our rules, please take a few minutes to do so. There aren't many -- there's a Rules and Policies forum on About This Site where you'll find full rules and the explanations for them.)


When we have a press release on who the new dancers are, we'll post it. If there's an article in one of the Boston papers about this before we get the press release up, please feel free to post a link about it. And THEN it's fine to talk about who the dancers are, what they might dance, etc. :D

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