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I recently went to Philadelphia to see the 'Degas Dance' exhibit. I am sorry they did not have my favorite Degas--"Dancers Practicing at the Barre" (Bar??), it portrays two dancers in extended positions at the barre; the one on the left stretching in Arabesque and the other on the right, with her back to us, stretching forward in a Developpe---and the ever-present watering can. I have seen much better Degas, but the museum seemed more interested in "Mme. Fiocre". I thought the best part of the show was not Degas---there were wonderful photographs of Paris Opera dancers from that period, and also, the best part, two Jean-August Barre bronzes, of Elssler and Taglioni.

The Metropolitan Museum show "Manet/Velazquez" is one of the best art shows I have seen. The show purports to show us the influence of Spanish painters on French and American painters, but even without this artificial pairing it is a great show. In addition to Manet and Velasquez there is Degas, Courbet, Eakins, Sargent and Whistler. It's worth a trip to see it.

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atm711, did you go to The Barnes Foundation for the Degas exhibit? Sad to say, but I've never been to any museums in Philadelphia but I am looking forward to it this summer - July, to be exact.

I've been wanting to make it into th Metropolitan Art Museum for the "Manet/Velazquez" show - thanks so much for reminding me. Tell me, did you find it super crowded? That's the one thing I hate about these bigger, sort of block buster, shows: too many people with bobbing heads!

I'd better check the dates to make sure I don't miss it!

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BW-- The Degas exhibit was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The first time I went to the Barnes Museum I got the following instructions: Fri/Sat 9:30 to 4:40; $1.00 admission; no spike heels. I guess you know you should check with them about their schedule, they seem to set it up for their own convenience.

I, too, had heard stories about how crowded the Manet/Velasquez was, but I had noproblem. However, I went on a weekday morning and arrived at the museum at 10:00 am. The great news is that they do not charge extra for the show. (The Degas show was $20.00!)--and you do not have the nonsense of having to arrive at a certain time. If you get to the Museum by May 18th, there is a great show of photographs by Thomas Struth---hugh photographs that envelop you.

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Thanks for the info! Guess I'll cross the Barnes Foundation off my list due to "spike heels"! ;) I agree it looks like an unusual place from its website!

I'm going to get in there for the Met's exhibit, ASAP. :)

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