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Gamzatti's variation (from "Bayadere") - where could I find

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I now need the music for Gamzatti at a rapid speed (say, as danced by Ananiashvili in the "The magic of Bolshoi Ballet" video,where she dances it as from Don Q at the Asaf Messerer Gala in 1980). I have recorded it from video (both from Bussel and Platel), but they are too slow for me (I am short, so I am quicker)

thanks in advance!!!


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There's a CD with the whole of La Bayadère by the English Chamber Orchestra directed by Richard Bonynge but I don't know if you want to buy the whole of the ballet for just one variation. It's faster than what Platel does. I can't remember how fast Bussell's is. It's 1min10. If you want the reference, it's by Decca, no.436 917-2.


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Yesterday my ballet teacher told me that GAmzatti's variations can be danced in corsaire (which I already knew) AND that the music is from Drigo. She told me that there are 3 variations to be danced for medora:

1) that whose music is Gamzatti's

2) that whose music is from Don Q (Queen of Dryads)

3) the quick one (the one danced by Julie Kent in ABT Corsaire, for instance)

Isn't it all this VERY VERY crazy?



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